Turkish warplanes targeted civilian areas including the Villages of Meredo, Besta, Arke, Suregule, Komutan, Bolie, Sule, Enze and Lewce in Qendil areas.

At least 6 Turkish war planes were involved in the attacks. As a result of these air-bombardments, one shepherd named as Ismail Hamed (20 years old) from the Village of Suregule was wounded and taken to Qeladize Hospital, and around 100 of his sheep have been killed. Also, some houses belongs to the villagers in these villages have been damaged.

Turkey has been carrying out cross-border air strikes since December 2007 with the political and technical support provided by the USA government. Many civilians have been killed in these raids.

On 21 August 2011 in the area of Kortek Qendil 7 civilians, including 4 Children, 2 Women (one of the women was pregnant) and a male driver were killed.

Turkey denies responsibility for the killing, wounding and ruing lives of Kurdish civilians