The New World Embassy: Rojava is a temporary embassy that will be constructed in Oslo, and which represents, through cultural means, the ideals of “stateless democracy” developed by the communities of the autonomous region of Rojava, northern-Syria. The embassy will consist of a large-scale oval shaped architectural structure, designed as an “ideological planetarium.”

The Embassy will operate for two consecutive days, bringing representatives from Rojava together with international politicians, diplomats, academics, journalists, students, artists, and more. Through open deliberation and public discussion the New World Embassy: Rojava proposes a platform to build new transnational relationships and explore alternative models of people’s diplomacy. This includes an analysis of the history, ideals, and implementation of stateless democracy; of the successes of Rojava in building a new civil society in a war-torn region; and finally the alternative that Rojava proposes in order to confront the crises of democracy seen on a global scale.

The New World Embassy: Rojava is a collaboration between Studio Jonas Staal and the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava.

The project is part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016, After Belonging: A Triennale In Residence, On Residence and the Ways We Stay in Transit, and funded and co-produced by KORO, Public Art Norway (URO).

See the leaflet below for more information.

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