Governor Office of Diyarbakir has denied permission to the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP)’s application for the Newroz (Kurdish New Year) main event to be held on Sunday 18 March.

BDP co-chairs and deputies are reported to be holding a meeting on the subject closed to the press.

People of Amed should join Newroz, says Demirtas

Newroz of 2012 will be the beginning of a new rising and hope, says BDP co-chair Demirtas
In a press statement on the Newroz program and celebrations of this year, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtas underlined that Newroz has become a symbol of the struggle for freedom.

Pointing out that the Newroz of 2012 will be the beginning of a new rising and hope, Demirtas said that; “With the  motivation created by rapid political developments in the Middle East, this year will witness a powerful Newroz with an excitement and participation more than ever. This year’s Newroz will be distinguished from those of earlier years with the strength and clarity of the political messages it will give. In 90’s, against the prohibitions of the state, the people protected Newroz and revealed its political solution power. It was therewith turned into an independent identity, not an action by politicians and artists alone. We would like the Newroz of 2012 to be celebrated with its own independent identity and modifier power it inherited from the history.”

Putting emphasis on Newroz in Diyarbakir, Demirtas continued as follows; “All the people of Amed should join Newroz celebrations that day to celebrate a glorious Newroz and to once again call out to the world that ‘we are determined tol ive in our own territory, in Kurdistan, freely and with our own identity’. The people to join Newroz celebrations that day will consist not only of BDP voters but also everyone who demands a dignified living in his/her own territory. Newroz in this respect is the expression of the national unity.”

Demirtas noted that all preparations have been made to enable people to celebrate the Newroz freely and said that;” Being in the Newroz area that day means saying that ‘I am not remaining silent about ongoing operations, slaughters and the disruption of young people’s bodies by warplanes in Roboski’. Being in the Newroz area that day means saying that ‘Millions of us are voicing freedom in areas while thousands of us are held in prison and exposed to cruelty’. Newroz will be the area of freedom and we believe necessary steps could be taken to lead the solution process to permanent peace in the event that the government pays attention to our messages and read them well.”

Commenting the prohibition on Diyarbakir Governorship’s ban on banners and posters for Newroz celebrations, Demirtas added that; “The prohibition of the banners which say ‘Either Freedom or Freedom’ is the state approach to a central decision by a court. The Governorship cannot ban the concept of freedom, a concept they regard as a crime and therefore prohibits. These banners will remain hanged.”

16 March 2012