The biggest snowstorm in 30 years hits Rojava 

Since last Wednesday several cities in Rojava have been exposed to a major snowstorm. It’s been reported that from some places that the ground has been covered with up to 50 cm of snow. This has caused severe interruptions in traffic between Derik and Serê Kaniyê with more than 200 vehicles being stuck on the highway.

Mercenary groups

Aleppo – The ISIS (DAIS) has occupied Kurdish homes in Baiden; located within kilometers of Aleppo, meanwhile regime air forces have carried out heavy bombardment of the Meyasar district. The bombardment has resulted in dozens of civilian casualties. 

According to sources the ISIS have executed 3 members of the Al-sham group in the Sheikh Khuder district.

Efrin- Mercenary groups affiliated with the ISIS have handed out written instructions at all its check points in an attempt to enforce a siege against the Efrin region. They are instructing members of their group as well as bypassers to block all goods and humanitarian aid from and too the Efrin region. According to the ISIS, anybody violating the instruction will be brough and held account in front of a ISIS court in the region.

Kobani –  ISIS mercenary groups have kidnapped several Kurdish civilians from Menbij city and have also attacked several houses in Jerablus and kidnapped several civilians.

Export of crude oil from South Kurdistan to Turkey

Hewler (Erbil) – The media in South Kurdistan recently reported that a deal is underway which will bring oil from South Kurdistan to Turkey, however no formal confirmation has been given thus far.

A Turkish government official;  Sivin Dezai issued a statement confirming that oil drilling would be launched within a few weeks before new year, he also said that some technical issues had delayed the drilling. Dezai also declared that his government had prepared drilling since one and half year ago and that this was an important part of the diplomatic relations between South Kurdistan and Turkey. 

Hereby, Dezai is confirming the agreement sign off during Nicirvan Barzanis visit to Turkey.

Democratic Union Party Organization (PYD)

Al Hassakeh –  the PYD party held its first conference in the city of Al Hassakeh at the martyr Jan Fida academy in the Al-kallase district. All party members in the city attended the conference as well as representatives of the following parties:  the Kurdish Left Party, Kurdish Democratic Left Party, Syrian Communist Party, Syrian United Communist Party, Syriac Union, Democratic Kurdish Union Party, Assyrian Democratic Organization, Star Union and Martyrs families Foundation.

The National Kurdish Council

Qamishlo – The NKC concluded their meeting after two days of deliberations whereupon they decided that they would not be responsible of or abide by any action or decision taken by the Supreme Kurdish Council and its committees. They also decided that they would not join the Democratic Self Administration project which was declared and accepted by many of the different components in the region including; Arabs , Kurds , Assyrians and others.


Nelson Mandela

South African president ‘’ Jacob Zuma’’ announced that  the body of the patriot and freedom-fighter Nelson Mandela will be buried  on  15th of December at his place of birth; Kono village. He also declared that a ceremony will be held on Tuesday in attendance of hundreds of world dignitaries.

Mandela spent 27 years in prison. During his life he highlighted the Kurdish issue several times. 

The Syrian Chemical Arsenal

‘’Sirgid Kag ‘’ The joint mission head of the United Nations and the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Organization has announced at a press conference that there is a conversations going on with a country in order to use one of its ports to stash the killing agent of the Syrian chemical arsenal into an American barge and destroy it in the sea.

500 tons of the poisonous gas will be transferred by an American ship ‘’ Kip Ray’’ from Lattakia port to be destroyed.

Cultural & educational activities

Efrin – Kurdish Language Foundation have carried out an examination for 81 students in three levels.

Al Hassakeh  – The national Kurdish Students Confederation has held a seminar on Smoking and its Disadvantages. Dozens of students attended the seminar.

Damascus – by invitation of the national Kurdish Students Confederation and in order to discuss Democratic Self-administration project in western Kurdistan , a conversation seminar was held in Osman Sabri center in Zorava district.