1. Life in Remelan continues
Remelan- Employees and Workers in Remelan Oil Company continue doing their job regularly in all departments; the majority of the Employees and the workers wanted to continue with their jobs after the city was fully liberated from the Assad Regime by the city´s residents in collaboration with YPG
Life back to normal in both Remelan and the major Oil Company. Booth are under the protection of YPG until the formation of a city council which will reflect the components of the city
The Oil Company includes employees from all the Syrian provinces, in addition to native employees from the area of Remelan.
Meetings continue between TEV-DEV and the Residents of Remelan to form a City council including all the components of the city
2.The Peoples Councils continue the distribution of aid to the city and villages of Qamishlo
Qamishlo- The service commission of the SKC, with the collaboration of the peoples councils in the city of Qamishlo, have distributed  aid (bulgur, lentils, pasta, sugar, flour)and other Children related aid to the residents.
However the Commission with collaboration of the people council has delivered the aid to the residents in Kadour Baik neighborhood and Khrbet Enz Village.
3. Kurdish citizen martyred during his Compulsory Service in Damascus
Aleppo- Mr. Shiyar Ahmad Hanan; Young Kurdish citizen has been martyred in Harsta Damascus during his compulsory service after he was shot by a sniper.
Mr. Shiyar was born and raised in the Village of Avraz. He lost his life on 26-2-2013.
4. Engineers in Qamishlo held a meeting preparing for a Conference
Qamishlo- In a series of activities aimed to organize all segments of society in the unions and private associations in West Kurdistan, and in preparation for holding a conference for engineers in the area of Al Jazeera, civil society organizations  held an expanded meeting with engineers from Qamislo.
5. The opening of the first branch of the Kurdish Red Crescent in Qamishlo
Qamishlo – The Kurdish Red Crescent inaugurated its first branch in west Kurdistan in Qamishlo. The center is located  in the tourist district.
Ramiza Mohamed, President of the People´s council spoke during the opening of the first branch of the Red Crescent and blessed the opening of the office for all the people of the Qamishlo, stressing that the opening of the branch is an important step on the road to provide medical needs and basic necessities for citizens.
6. People’s House in Sheikh Meqsoud distribute aid to the needy and displaced
Aleppo – the supervision committee of aid distribution in the People’s House in Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood (Aleppo) , distributed aid to displaced people in the neighborhood.
The committees in Sheikh Meqsoud  distributed food baskets for the displaced from both Arab and Kurdish families. Thirty-three food baskets have been distributed so far. The work will continue.
7. Clashes in Ashrafieh: Assad Regime withdraw to south of Aleppo
Aleppo – Aleppo witnessed a difficult night yesterday after heavy fighting occured in several neighborhoods. The free Syrian army has made significant progress in the southern side of the city. Both the  Ashrafieh district and Bani Zeid have been under heavy shelling.
The Ashrafieh district today witnessed violent clashes between soldiers  of the Free Army and forces of the Assad Regime the reporter of HAAR news agency informed. The violent clashes took place in the Khodra  neighborhood after the arrival of reinforcements to SFA over the past two days.
According to the reporter more than two thousand rebels of the FSA, including some Kurdish battalions rallying under the banner of the FSA had attacked a checkpoint of the Regime forces located in the Khodra Street. However this attack was met with heavy artillery from the Regime, bombing even civilian areas under the pretext of fighting armed rebels.
Some of the residents of the neighborhood stated that the Regime forces  forced civilians out of their homes under the pretext that the area was  bombed, which lead  people to flee  from the Khodra area. After hours of  clashes the tension eased out restoring peace to the city.
In the southern side of the city clashes continued between Armed oppositions   and the Assad regime forces, located and stationed in the police school in Khan Asel. Clashes continued until noon today. The Assad Regime forces withdrew and there was some rumours regarding control of the FSA over the main entrance of the school and some  parts of the police school, which is considered the  first line of defense in Assads Academy..
8. Service institutions in Remelan carry out their work
Remelan- All the  institutions in Remelan city have implemented decisions taken yesterday evening in the meeting between the heads of departments and YPG. The  service departments in Remelan continued their  work smoothly to serve the city´s residents. Services included “health, food and electricity.”
Mr. Mahmoud Junker, head of the Service Department  stated that the bakery started working since morning and was read to distribute bread to city residen at  the same amount of 4400 bundles of bread. All workers in the bakery are working regularly in two shifts.
Furthermore the Remelan health center was on duty during the liberation. Dr. Kamel Ahmed Director of Remelan health center explained that the center is fully capable  to serve the citizens and meet their health requirements and emergency cases and all the doctors and nurses are prepared for  their tasks.
9. Meeting of the councils and tribal leaders in Tel Temer to contain the tension in the region
Tel Temer – After tensions in areas surrounding the city of Tel Temer, due to some parties that aim to create sectarian strife between the components of the region through sabotage such as “ cutting off roads to the city of Tel Temer and harass the people, beat and strip them of their possessions”  both  the People’s  Council of the city of Tel Temer , the Council of civil peace, which governs the city, the brotherhood council in Hasaka and tribal leaders in the region, held a meeting in the city’s Assyrian Church.
All Parties agreed on several points in order to control the situation and to prevent the region from dragging into meaningless battles. The points of agreement from the meeting are:
– Delivery of Hamra checkpoint to Assyrians in the city to carry out their administration temporarily.
– The formation of a commission of inquiry consisting of three people, “Sheikh Humaid Cali, Comas Abu Louis, Akram Mahshoush “, the task of this committee is to investigate the recent events in Tel Temer.
– The formation of a monitoring committee to monitor the mechanism of action of the Checkpoints.
– Remove all armed groups from the city and to lift the blockade.
10. Ali Saadoun: aid distributed to 50 % of the population in Qamishlo
Qamishlo – Ali Saadoun, member of the SKCs service committee in city of Qamishlo said that they have so far distributed aid to 50% of the city´s residents, stressing that more aid will be distributed to the remainders.
Saadoun went on; “currently we distribute the aid that  arrives  from northern Kurdistan. The distribution is supervised by SKSs service committee. We would like to give our thanks for the contribution of the people of northern Kurdistan.”
About the distribution process Saadoun said “we receive the items from the relief organizations and we do our part to hand it to the existing committees which later on distributes it in the neighborhoods where it is mostly needed, regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc…”.
11. Engineers council in Afrin holds elections for the executive office
Afrin – The Afrin council of Engineers held a meeting at the chamber’s headquarters in Afrin for the election of the Executive Office consisting of six members.
Before the start of the meeting an engineer, Jamil  spoke  to a reporter of  HAWAR news agency and said “our room is a voluntary association of engineers, working for common goals in order to build a society based on civilized values. In this meeting, we will elect six members for the Executive Office of the Council of Engineers in Afrin,” Jamil noted that the elections would be held within the Council Chamber composed of 17 members, and that the number of engineers within a room is 150.
12. Hit-and-run battles between the Free army and the Syrian regime army in Al Ashrafya
Aleppo- Significant progress have been made by the free army battalions against the Syrian regime army in the Al Ashrafya district,. The FSA attacked with a lot of fighters equipped with heavy weapons/vehicles which were located on the other side of a market where the battle took place. The regime army however remained in its location in the eastern part. In addition to this, dramatic scenes played out between both sides. The baathist regime forces deliberately create tribal and ethnic sectarian strife, pushing Arab families to fight against the free army in the front line while keeping their own soldiers in the back lines. According to the correspondent of Hawar news agency many people have fled their homes as a result from the attacks.
13. Efrin: people are replacing the name of their shops from Arabic to Kurdish
Efrin- Almost all shops, markets and real estate names were converted from Arabic to Kurdish as a sign of the liberation of western Kurdistan from the baath regime. Unnder the campaign slogan ‘’our existence is based on our language’’, all shop owners, pharmacies and doctors have changed their names to Kurdish.
14. A private hospital has been reopened in Sere Kanye
Sere Kanye- On Sunday morning  a private hospital was reopened again after it was looted by armed groups, causing a severe shortage of medical supplies, especially anesthesia. With the initiative doctors from the city, nursing and the technical staff in Sere Kanye, the hospital started its service again. The hospital had a big turn out from the people who were suffering of diseas. Several surgeries started directly after the reopening.     
15. Qamishlo is welcoming its visitors in three languages
Qamishlo- With the cooperation of the municipality, the popular council of Qamishlo city has mounted a welcome board at the entrance of Qamishlo city (from Amuda city). It is written in three languages namely, Kurdish, Assyrian and Arabic.
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