1. Attack against Efrin, Kobane and Tel Tamer are pre-planned.

Qamishlo- The General Command of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) issued a statement to the public opinion. They confirmed that mercenary groups related to the Syrian Free Army attacked the village of Sherawa in Efrin city, with the approval of the general FSA command. The attack took place in order to loot homes and properties. The statement pointed out the existence of some Kurdish forces among the attackers. In addition to that, they confirmed that the attack against Efrin, Kobane and Tel Tamer are pre-planned attacks, staged by the same command. The general command of YPG called on the full support of the Kurdish people in order to protect their homes and cities.

2. Political Reactions concerning the closing of the border

Amude- As Asayîsh (police) forces prevented a group of people who tried to enter western Kurdistan (northern Syria) illegally, the KRG (Kurdistan regional government) closed its borders and deployed peshmerga forces in the area. 

As a result of this event, prominent Kurdish voices denounced these actions, as they will not serve the interest of the Kurdish people at all.

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) considered this decision/statement of the KRG as an irresponsible statement and hoped the presidency of the KRG would rethink its consequences.

In this regard, Salman Hasso (Member of the political bureau of the Democratic Progressive Kurdish Party in Syria) considered that the closing of the border (Semalka passage), which is a lifeline for the people in Western Kurdistan is not a wise decision in the current crisis.

Suliemanye- Official media of the political bureau of Kurdistan national union party confirmed that there is no decision by the KRG of Southern Kurdistan to close the borderline and that they are not supporting the decision.      

3. Clashes in Western Kurdistan

Sarekanye- Hawar Agency News correspondent reported that 4 members of Armed groups were killed during an attack on YPG checkpoints in Tel Halaf road, located 3km west of Sarekanye.

Efrin- Some armed groups related to Free Army kidnapped more than 100 Kurdish civilians along the road between Aleppo and Efrin (Daretezza town).

Efrin- 28 members of the armed groups who attacked the village Sherawa in Efrin have been killed. And 3 tanks and 6 vehicles equipped with Dochka’s  have been destroyed by YPG so far.

Efrin- a close source to YPG reported to Hawar Agency News that 1 of YPG fighters passed away and 15 members of the armed groups were killed during the attack on Basla village in Sherawa town.

Kobane- Martyr Xabat Academy has announced the graduation of the first batch of YPG fighters (Special Forces). On the occasion, a military ceremony was held in Kobane. The training lasted 45 days, starting from 8th of April, the fighters got ideological and military training. 

4. Educational and cultural activities

Koban i- The Kurdish Language Foundation is continuing to spread the Kurdish language on all teaching levels. They have distributed 75 certificates for students at the first and second stages of the language.

Terbaspie – 140 pupils has done their Kurdish language exams in 8 groups after getting lessons for three months.

Qamishlo – The Youth and Sport Council organized an event for Karate game in the main sport hall of the city. 45 players will participate in the competition and the winner will receive the title of Qamishlo’s champion.

Alhassaka – The cultural Syriac Committee in Syria has initiated a cultural/educational community in Anasera district. Ibrahim Jerjes commented that the aim to open such community is to introduce the Syriac, Assyrian and Chaldea culture to the area.

5. Campaign: ‘’No to Emigration Yes to Resistance’’

The National Kurdish Students Confederation, in cooperation with students from the Democratic Progressive Kurdish party, Qamishlo Student Union, the Kurdish Language Foundation, University council of Revolution Youth Movement and ‘’Aakh Ti’’ community issued a statement to the public opinion on 12th of May announcing a campaign named ‘’No to Emigration Yes To Resistance’’ to eliminate youth immigration and encourage them to go back home.

To achieve their goal they have started a number of activities, such as initiating English language courses (conversation and Grammar) in addition to nursery courses and other activities.

6. The Kurdish Red Crescent

Kobani- Supported by the Kurdish Red Crescent, its office in Kobane city opened a clinic in the city centre.

Efrin – The Kurdish Red Crescent in Efrin has distributed more than 3000 cans of baby milk to displaced people who are currently living in schools and public places and, they have transferred about 150 thousands Syrian pounds to the Kurdish Red Crescent in Aleppo city.  The Efrin branch has sent aid to the displaced people in Belbele town, along with 7.5 tons of flour.