Published by ANF on Thursday, January 28, 2016 10:15 AM

ŞIRNAK – As the atrocity of Turkish forces is getting heavier in Kurdish towns under curfew, 28 people who are trapped in a basement in Cudi neighborhood for 6 days continue suffering a deliberate torture. The ongoing denial of ambulance access to the area has since left 5 of them dead due to loss of blood.Communication is still cut with the 23 wounded in the basement who were last reached yesterday evening when Cizre People’s Council co-chair Mehmet Tunç spoke to Kurdish MedNuçe TV, saying that military vehicles were as close as 10 meters to the building and were firing on them uninterruptedly. He remains out of reach since.

Yesterday, armored vehicles of Turkish forces started to attack the building with heavy artillery and mortar fire short before the arrival of Cizre Municipality ambulances that were finally allowed to go to the scene and retrieve the casualties. However, ambulances were stopped on their way and taken to the police directorate in Konak neighborhood where they are being held waiting since.

As the building remains under artillery and mortar fire, state forces that surrounded the area with armored vehicles made announcements calling on the people inside to “surrender”.

HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız who is in the town himself said that it was an attempt of massacre to impose surrender on the wounded people who cannot stand up or go out of that basement even. He underlined that; “State forces must be withdrawn from the area and ambulances must be sent to the scene to get them out in the shortest time possible.”

Source: Firat News Agency