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No financial or political support for the Syrian Islamist opposition

                                                         Göttingen, August 9, 2013


Dear US secretary of state John Kerry, 


The ongoing civil war in Syria has deteriorated steadily since March 2011. Recently it has reached a low point, because the fights are increasingly turning into sectarian battles. Radical groups of the Syrian Islamist opposition in particular are gaining influence. They are politically and financially supported from abroad. Accordingly, the Kurdish, Christian and Alawite minorities are in constant fear of violent attacks. To prevent a humanitarian disaster in the form of a genocide Europe and the United States must act immediately to stop all political and financial support for the Syrian Islamist opposition.

Violent incidents against minority settlements have increased lately. On July, 31 2013 the radical Islamist al-Nusra Front raided the Kurdish villages Til Hasil and Til Aran, situated 30 kilometres south of Aleppo. It is estimated that they killed 70 inhabitants, mostly women and children. Furthermore, 700 people have been kidnapped or have gone missing. Thousands of Kurds lost their property as a result of the assaults. 

The Alawite minority too fears a possible genocide. In recent days, four Alawite villages situated in the north of Latakiya province have been attacked by the Syrian Islamist opposition. In the immediate vicinity of the Turkish borders the Islamists killed 150 Alawites.

Two Christian bishops have been missing since April 22, 2013. Ibrahim Hanna, Bishop of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Aleppo, and Bishop Boulos Yazigi of the Greek Orthodox Church have been abducted by an armed Islamist group near Aleppo. Their driver, a deacon, was shot dead by the kidnappers during the attack.

We appeal to you, dear Minister Kerry, to use your political influence and pressure the Syrian Islamist opposition. The financial and political support from abroad has to stop to prohibit further human rights violations. After two years of civil war, Syria needs stability and peace. This is can be achieved only if the minorities’ right to exists is respected and their physical inviolability is not threatened. Therefore, urgent action is necessary to prevent a genocide.

Tilman Zülch, President of the Society for Threatened Peoples


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