Noam Chomsky says the North Ireland peace process can be a model for solution of the Kurdish problem.

Chomsky — a world-renowned linguist and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Richard Falk and other academics, intellectuals and journalists met this weekend at Istanbul Bilgi University for the 7th annual "Gathering in Istanbul for Freedom of Expression."

In an interview for ANF Turkish Service Chomsky said the success of North Ireland peace process can be a model for the solution of the Kurdish problem.

He pointed out some recent positive developments on Kurdish issue but warned that more needed to be done. He said that he supports the process and called for support of political and civil powers.

Chomsky said that Kurdish problem can be solved by carefully examining Irish and Spanish models. He said that all sides should listen to each other, understand their needs and show every effort to reach to a satisfying solution for both sides.

Chomsky also said that he supports a general amnesty for Kurdish guerillas.

One of the prominent linguistics of the world Chomsky said the Turkish governments denial of education in mother language is a sign of insincerity. "There are television and radio channels in Kurdish but the prohibitation of education in Kurdish is totally unacceptable" he said.

Chomsky critisized U.S. for its role in the war between Turkey and the PKK reminding that Washington was the leading provider of arms to Turkey during the war. He also accused U.S. press institutions which has offices in Turkey of auto-censorship saying the events in Turkey is not covered in a neutral manner by the U.S. press.

He said that U.S. is an ally to Turkey and supports Ankara in every manner. He reminded the support of Washington regime during Saddam era when Kurds were massacred with chemical weapons and called Kurds to always remember what happened.

"U.S. was never a friend to Kurdish people. Kurds should understand this. Kurds has no friends but the mountains. They should remember this,” he said.
10 October 2010