The Northern Syria delegation that had a meeting with French President Macron in Paris said the meeting was positive and important. The meeting lasted an hour.

A delegation of top officials from Rojava and Northern Syria has met with French President Emmanuel Macron in the Elysee Palace on Thursday. The delegation from Northern Syria was made up of TEV-DEM Co-chair Asya Abdullah, Afrin Canton Executive Council Co-chair Hêvin Reşîd, Cizire Canton Foreign Affairs Council Co-chair Siham Qiryo, Cizirê Region Executive Council Member Faner Gaêt, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Foreign Affairs Official Rêdur Xelil, YPJ Spokeswoman Nesrin Abdullah and Northern Syria Autonomous Administration Representative for France, Dr. Xalid İsa.

According to reports from Paris, France will send troops to Manbij in response to the Turkish state’s invasion threats.

The delegation from Northern Syria held a press briefing after the meeting where TEV-DEM Co-chair Asya Abdullah spoke and gave the following information;

“We had a positive and important meeting with Mr. Macron. France had previously announced their support for the anti-ISIS fight in Northern Syria, and especially for the SDF. Mr. Macron showed a positive attitude regarding the attack on Afrin. We extended them our thanks. During this meeting, we talked about the aggression on Afrin, return of Afrin’s people to their lands, anti-ISIS fight and the situation in Northern Syria.

The experience in Rojava and Northern Syria has been seen as a positive model. Mr. Macron has reiterated his support for Afrin and Northern Syria. He said they will continue their diplomatic efforts for Afrin. Cooperation has been made with the French forces in Manbij so far and there is a need for a stronger cooperation because the ISIS threat remains. ISIS has gained strength with the Afrin attack and wants to pull itself together. The Turkish state wants to settle terrorist groups in Afrin. ISIS is a danger for everyone. For this reason, we need to work together. Mr. Macron stated that they want to work with Syrian Democratic Forces and that this cooperation will grow stronger.”

Asked “what kind of a cooperation?” by a journalist, Abdullah recalled the ISIS attack of March 23 in France and said; “The more we work together, the more we can protect our peoples from ISIS. This has a variety of methods. There is a possibility to strengthen this.”

Regarding Macron’s remarks “We can send troops to Manbij”, Abdullah said “This is a usual case that happened in the past and will happen in the future as well.”

During the press conference, journalists’ questions about the latest situation in Afrin and struggle against ISIS were answered.

The delegation members gave examples of the Turkish President Erdoğan’s support for ISIS and animosity against the peoples of Northern Syria.