Öcalan remarked that wars and clashes throughout history have reached the utmost level today than ever, aiming at destroying  humanity and nature.

The Kurdish leader pointed out that the massacre project carried into effect against the Armenian people early last century was the most cruel of the dirty policies.

Remarking that it was a great miracle that the Armenian people have survived until today in spite of the massacre and tragedy they faced, Öcalan said this has been achieved thanks to the efforts and struggle of the oppressed Armenian people.

“The whole world should face the historical reality of the Armenian people and share their pains and mourn for them. It is inevitable for the Turkish Republic to approach this issue from this point of view and to face the painful history”, Öcalan said suggested that the Armenian people should continue their struggle by staying away from the insidious purposes of international capital powers and lobbies that aim to continue the conflict for centuries.

Öcalan said the freedom struggle of the  Kurdish people intertwined with the Armenian people’s struggle for the relief of their pains and the attainment of equal rights, defending that a republic crowned with democracy will enable a confrontation with the past and a free living for all identities.

“When looked from this point of view, we can say that we are giving a struggle for not only Kurdish people but also for the freedom of all peoples of this ancient territory”, Öcalan said and underlined that this was ahy all internal and external anti-democratic powers have raised obstacles to the resolution of the Kurdish question and interrupted each resolution process so far by means of great provocations. The Kurdish leader said these circles were grounded on two major factors, money-capital and nationalism, and have used great capital lobbies and recently cemaat (sect) type structures as a means for their purpose.

However- Öcalan said- all ancient peoples living in this territory are the owners of these lands and there is nothing they cannot share. “Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, Persian, Armenian and other peoples must ensure a brotherhood grounded on equality before the law. The hostility created between peoples mustn’t be accepted as a part of our own culture, we have to prevent this from being transferred to next generations, which can only be secured by a peace based on real justice. The process we initiated on the day of Newroz in 2013 can become permanent and meaningful only if advanced with this perception, Öcalan added.

The Kurdish leader emphasized that “Hrant Dink, the true friend of peoples and the brave son of the Armenian people, was murdered by the representatives of this dirty mentality and for the purpose I have mentioned above. He is the last Armenian killed for this purpose”.

Öcalan pointed out that his search for peace despite his challenging circumstances will not be to the detriment of any people, as has been manifested and proved by each moment of the 30 year-old Kurdish struggle.

The Kurdish leader called on everyone to be more careful and to treat these issues from an objective point of view against all deep, open, parallel structures, lobbies and sects trying to defeat them.

Öcalan ended his letter by remembering Hrant Dink with respect and extending greetings to Armenian and all other peoples.

30 January 2014
Abdullah Öcalan