Interview with deputy commander of Syrian free army Malik Alkurde for “Alkurdiyanews” on confrontations Ashrafieh

Malik Al Kurdi deputy commander of the Free Syrian army has initiated negotiations with the YPG (Peoples protection units) in order to contain the conflict which over the past two days has claimed the lives of at least a dozen people.
In a telephone interview with Kurdish news site “Al Kurdiya News” Al Kurdi said that negotiations are underway and are aimed at finding a solution and avoiding an escalation of the conflict between the Free Syrian Army and the YPG in Aleppo and the immediate surroundings. Al Kurdi also explained that the PKK is mediating between the two parties and stressed that a Arabic-Kurdish conflict could arise if a solution is not found.

Colonel Malik Walker,
Dead and detained
Colonel Malik Walker has said that after factions of the Syrian free army detained about 400 Kurdish civilians he had been in contact with the detainees and was arranging for releasing them as soon as possible so that they could return to their  families.
About the victims of the clashes Walker said that “about 16 members of the Free Syrian army had been killed, along with 7 of the YPG forces.”
The Colonel  admitted that the attempted takeover of the neighborhood of Ashrafieh in Aleppo was a mistake and that such an attempt would not happen again.
Kurdish interactions led to confrontations
Al Kurdi revealed that the political pressure in families aligned with Kurdish parties was the reason for unfortunate confrontations.
When asked by alkurdiyanews about the Kurdish parties that were allegedly promoting these confrontations he explained that “Political and military actors, especially Saladin battalion promoted by members of the Syrian free Army” are advocating the need to end the control of the YPG/PYD on the neighborhood.”
Observers and residents say ‘ members of the same battalion participated in armed confrontations against the Kurds and one of their militants were killed. “
Al Kurdi concluded by saying that “both sides will lose a lot if clashes like these were to break out again, and it will not serve the revolution.” He further stressed the need of restraint and to avoid any actions that could worsen the conflict.

Free Syrian army report regarding the attack on Qastel jendo
The Free Syrian army issued a statement with regards to the attacks on the Yazidi village of Qustol Jendo carried out by factions among the FSA. It was stated that clashes and provocations had occured in some towns and villages among them  in Izaz, Afrin and Qustul Jendo. The statement explained that some of the militants in the FSA who have nothing to do but are organizationally bound to the Free Syrian army terrorized the population, provoking and also carrying kidnappings, the FSA stated that they do not have any connection with  these groups and they condemn these acs calling them a shameful behaviour that do not represent the ethics of the  Free Syrian Army and their revolution. It stated that the perpetrators of these acts are bandits, extremists and mercenaries and as such they are the enemies of the revolution and the FSA. They further stated that actions like these would only help the regime in tarnishing the image of the revolution. “We, the Joint Command of the Syrian free army shake the hands of our people and our brothers the Syrians Yazidis, they are an integral part of Syrian society and we assure them that we do not and will not accept these crimes and we will strike with an iron fist to those who are tempted to tamper with the security of our people whether it is the security of Yazidi’s or our Kurdish people, regardless of religious or national associations, we declare that the attempts to harm them is an attempt to harm the Syrian people as a whole and it is a provocation that will met by the  Free Syrian army. We will make sure to take action in order to protect civilians and we will hold the perpetrators of these acts responsible.
Demonstration in Derik to condemn of the massacre of Ashrafieh
Derik- thousands of Kurds rallied in freedom square at nine o’clock Thursday morning to reject and condemn  the recent massacre against the Kurdish people in Aleppo and Afrin.

Explosion in Raqqa, killing at least two

Raqqa- the Firat News agency correspondent in the city of Raqqa reported that a bomb placed in a dumpster  on Basil-street had exploded at 13.00. According to the reporter the bomb was targeted at police, at least two men from the security forces were killed. The explosion also inflicted the damages on the surrounding  vehicles.

Qastel Jendo pretend to condemn the attacks of armed groups

Afrin – under the slogan “the Syrian people are one in Afrin” Hundreds of villagers of the Shera township started pretend to condemnation and condemnation of the attacks carried out by armed group closely affiliated with the free Syrian army.  Hundreds of women and men gathered in the village Qastel Jendo to demonstrate to condemn the massacres committed by both the Baathist regime and the free Syrian army against Kurdish people in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maqsoud and which claimed the lives of dozens of people from the Kurdish people and wounding dozens.

Hasaka ..Demonstration to condemn the brutal attacks on the neighborhood of Ashrafieh

Hasaka – under the slogan “resistance is life” the youth movement organized in the city of Hasaka arranged a demonstration involving thousands Kurds as well as members of  other ethnicities. Together they comdemned  the Syrian army’s  attack on the Kurds in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo.

Tirbespiye condemns the massacre and revive Kurdish resistance in Achrafieh and Afrin

Thousands of Kurds Demonstrated on wednesday, at the invitation of the organization of Union Star, condemning the massacre committed against the Kurdish people in Ashrafieh Sheikh Maqsood, at the hands of the Syrian regime forces and other armed groups.
Popular Council in Kobani continues to provide services to the people of Kobani

The Popular Council in Kobani continues to assist the people in Kobani through provision of services pertaining to the lives of people and their daily needs. The Gas committee started providing insurances and gas cylinders for the people in Kobani.  The committee is tasked with providing gas to the population. Empty gas-cylinders are taken care of by the committee, they are sent back and refilled at the gasfields in Alrmelan, below Derika Hemko city.
The transportation of gas is protected by the YPG, this is necessary due to the current security situation in western Kurdistan and Syria in general. Roads connecting the cities are often ravaged by theft and looting.
People in Derika Hemko demanding South Kurdistan Regional Government to reopen border

Foreign harassment continues on the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan by third parties in order to put pressure on the Kurdish people to migrate from their homes.
The latest of this kind of harassment  has been put in to effect by the decision of the Government of South Kurdistan (KRG) to close its border with western Kurdistan. People of western Kurdistan asked the Kurdish Regional Government to open the border because the closure has led to worsening living conditions in the region, high food prices and an increasing number of unemployment.

Kurdish citizen from Serekaniye killed in the bombing of Jaramana
The Kurdish citizen Yasser Ramadan Cino lost his life in a bombing in Jaramana in the Syrian capital Damascus on the 29th of October. The explosion killed more than ten people. Yasser Ramadan Cino is from Serekaniye city in western Kurdistan, he moved to Damascus 15 years ago after bad economic and social conditions in his hometown had forced him to find work elsewhere
Demonstration in Afrin to confirm the Kurds unity
Under the banner of  “the Kurdish people in Afrin is not alone” thousands of Kurds in Afrin
demonstrated in order to put emphasis on the unity of Kurds in Afrin and solidarity with the people of the village of Qastel Jendo. The demonstration started at 17.00 at the evening from Rajo triangle to Martyrs’ Square, the people chanted “the Kurdish people in Afrin are not alone, long live ‘people protection units “.

Death of a young Kurd in Souryan neighborhood of Aleppo

 Kurdish citizen Abdul Rahman Hmacai has been killed by an unidentified person, several people on the street where also shot at.

Popular Council of Aleppo: evade the responsibility towards the suffering of the Kurdish people
The popular council of western Kurdistan in Aleppo issued a report to the public and media about the recent events in the region and the declaration of the local council of the Kurdish National Council to stop their work with the Council of the people of West Kurdistan in Aleppo and Afrin, stressing that their behavior is only an argument to evade responsibility towards the suffering of the Kurdish people from threats and risks. They did not apply the decisions of the Kurdish Supreme.
the Kurdish people have been exposed to pressure and multiple threats since the beginning of the events in Syria. Kurdish areas have been bombed several times and dozens of our people have become martyrs since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. The Kurdish people in Aleppo are under threat security wise as well as economically and socially. The elected popular council of Aleppo is aware of its historical responsibility towards the people and has worked hard to resolve problems, it wants others to help us.
The statement stressed: “After the announcement of the Kurdish Supreme we declared our commitment in Its decisions and we worked to implement safely to serve our community and resolve issues and therefore we formed committees of public service, diplomacy and common security, which was supposed to be working together with the committees of the National Kurdish Council , but they have always evaded working jointly with us citing the lack of a sufficient number of their members to form their committees thus they do not share the responsibility of resolving issues that our people are facing in any of the aforementioned areas despite the fact that we have insisted that we need them to participate. The only option that we are left with is to bear the full responsibility of taking care of our people alone and unarmed. “
The statement pointed out: ” In many regions of Aleppo our  people are exposed to repeated shelling by the chauvinist Baathist regime which has resulted in more martyrs, most recently the events in Ashrafieh resulted in 15 deaths, this was followed up by threats of armed groups to enter Kurdish areas. We did not receive an answer from the National Kurdish council when we asked them to stand beside us against the threats directed to our people in Aleppo, when we again asked them to stand by our side during the peaceful demonstrations on the morning of Eid they did not answer our appeal.
The statement stressed that: “When our peaceful demonstration started  many demonstrators were shot and became martyrs, afterwards they held meetings with some of the battalions of the free Syrian army, this was conducted without the knowledge of the diplomatic body of Kurdish High Supreme , they did not declare publicly that which had been agreed in these meeting but we  suspect that they want to undermine the will of the Kurds and interfere in  our affairs .  Many of those involved in the attack on the peaceful demonstration on the morning of the Eid were members of one party in the national Council Kurdish. “
The statement continued that: “On this basis, the local council of Kurdish National Council in Syria issued a statement of public opinion demanding that they stop cooperating with the Board of western Kurdistan, this is only to evade the historical responsibility towards the suffering of the Kurdish people from threats and risks, they have not  applied any decisions made by the Kurdish Supreme so far. We ask the Kurdish Supreme to clarify the situation to them. “
A statement of popular council of Aleppo who are committed to the decisions of the Kurdish Supreme : “We will stand on the side of the historic responsibility towards our people as we have always been, and we will all carry out our duties towards our people in all circumstances.

Executive Committee of PYD: salute the resistance of our people in the village Qastel Jendo

Executive Committee in the Democratic Union Party Issued a statement to the public and the media about the recent events in the region, the statement was directed to the resistance of Qastel Jendo village and her people, calling at the same time the syrian free army to control its  armed forces, stressing that it does not serve the Syrian revolution. The report reads: “Afrin  is still witnessing an escalation of aggressive military actions carried out by armed groups of the Syrian free army for the third day in a row, they have been targeting the villages of Qastel Jendo and Yasi Bagh which belong to the  township of Afrin . This barbaric attack is carried out against the backdrop of the of armed assault by armed forces on Kurdish citizens demonstrating in  Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maqsood on the first day of Eid which caused the death of thirteen Kurdish nationals and the injuring of twenty five.
The statement stressed: “To contain the crisis and end the armed attack by the armed forces a delegation of a group of to negotiate in order to declare a truce, but the condition that was put forth was that the city of Qastel Jendo should be evacuated, this city is controlled by the people of the village of Qastel Jendo, if this is done then the shelling and other attack will stop. This position reflects an unhuman logic and is similar to the one of the Baathist regime. The report noted that: ” the last days have seen rapid developments, which has carried with it a lot of questions that predict what awaits us in the future, as well as a clearer plan of the enemies strategies, leaked contents of secret documents reveal the extent and size of the plot being hatched to target the free will of the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan.
The attack on Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maqsoud and the capturing of 300 citizens, defenceless and innocent, the closure of the border by the Kurdistan regional government (In North Iraq), and the individual events in Kobani, from mobilizing people who carry enmity towards the Kurdish people, growers of narcotics, mercenaries hired by the Turkish regime and so on. They  all want to discredit our movement but or legitimacy comes from our martyrs, we are the peoples movement and our philosophy rests on principles of  free will. “
The report of the Executive Committee for PYD reads: “We call on all parties to exercise caution and abstain from exploiting events secondary and to the interests of narrow partisan sentiments as happened in Kobani. Despite the support for the right of expression, we unfortunately see the exploitation of what was in Kobani, some parties are blatantly taking advantage of the situation in Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maqsoud  while every day young men and women, members of  the YPG put their lives on the line to defend the Kurdish presence, this defence that everyone should be aware of, because its collapse would mean a return hundred years back from the oppression and denial of identity. “
The statement added: “We in the Democratic Union Party salute the resistance of our people in Qastel Jendo village which belongs to the Yezidi, and we assure them that they will not be alone in the face of any aggression they are exposed to from any party, we also call on the free Syrian army to put pressure on these armed forces to  stop attacks that will not be in favor of the Syrian revolution and will reflect negatively on both sides. We want them to release all prisoners who were arrested because of their nationality, because this arrest does not establish the concept of co-existence between Syrian citizens. “