Foreigner Relations members of The Supreme Kurdish Council in Hawler
A Decided Visit to Amad Next Week
A delegation of foreigner relations members met yesterday in Hawler with the coordinator  of Democratic & Freedom Party Representation , Mhd Ali Iden, who announced that the members of the foreigner relations are heading to Amad – Turkey next week.
The meeting was held in Democratic & Freedom Party Representation building, attended by Salih Jido , Issa Hiso, Abdulkarim Omar, and Garib Hiso from council side and from Democratic & Freedom Party Representation side Mhd ‘’Ali Aiden and Abdi Aki’’, they discussed the situations of western Kurdistan and the Supreme Kurdish Council activities in western Kurdistan.
Finally, coordinator of Democratic & Freedom Party Representation has declared that it was decided : The delegation from foreigner relations of the Supreme Kurdish Council to attend the conference of Democratic & Freedom Party which will be hold in 14th October and moreover, the delegation will hold few meetings in Amad.
Syrian Regime Air forces Bombard The Return Cortege From ‘’ Rashid Habib’’ Funeral
One Child Passed Away and Around 20 Wounded
While coming back from Funeral ceremony of Asayesh forces member ‘’ Rashid Habib , Kurdish people participants cortege got bombarded by Syrian air forces on the highway Efrin-Aleppo nearby Hayan town.
Some medical sources has assured to Firat agency correspondent  that because of that , the child ‘’Mustafa Omar’’  13 year old ,passed away , where the cortege got bombarded by Syrian Army Airplanes and resulted one child death and around 20 wounded people, some of them are slightly wounded and some other deeply.
All wounded carried to Hanan & Othman Surgical Hospital.
On The Ground Situations In Aleppo City
Mortars and Artillery showered on the City from Early Morning
Early morning on Sunday, Sheikh Maqsud district exposed to bombs which targeted few areas of the district and one of the bombs hit a house, also, five mortars were fallen down onto eastern part of the district which resulted : two children passed away and dozens wounded.
As per district activists, other seven mortars were fallen , one of them hit a house and get it destroyed whose inhabitant were already departed to their village in Efrin.
The child ‘’ Latifa Dawod Eintabi’’ got extremely wounded because of two mortars fall on the eastern part of the district, the sources says that two more children passed away and more than 14 people get wounded, three of them deeply wounded , some of them names are : Tayeb Alhames, Mhd Ashraf Alhames, Muhiadin Issa, Daouwd Saido, Hafiz Mhd, Firas Abu Jabas, Ahmad Haj Salih, Fatima Haj Ali, Jawdat Shaabo, Dawoud Silo, Husain Jomaa and Anwar Moqdad.
The repercussions Of Syrian Crisis
The Citizen ‘’ Riad Mhd Besho’’ Killed in Clashes Among Unknown People.
Today early morning, 01:30 AM, Citizen ‘’ Riad Mhd Besho’’ passed away affected by his wounds which got it when shooting between unknown people happened on Saturday night in Alhassake city.
And as per his family, while he was walking in one of city streets, two guys ,riding motorcycle, shouted loudly :Riad , Riad!  And when he got closer to them, he get shouted because of the clashes among them.
And worthwhile, that Riad was a member of a coordination related to Salah Eldin battalion.
Popular Reconciliation Committees in Western Kurdistan
Alhassaka- Reconciliation Holding between Two Disputed Family

Last Saturday, Popular Reconciliation Committees in Almofti district hold reconciliation between two Kurdish families argued about home ownership caused by both families. The reconciliation has been done in ‘’Abdul Ghafoor’’ house after several attempts by the Committee in order to convince both families

Kurdish Language Revive Project
The Kurdish Language Foundation launched literacy campaign
Recently, a literacy session has been started by Kurdish Language Institution teachers in Arabo village related to Mobata area in Afrin. The course aims to educate social multi-aged village resident by mother language.
The Kurdish Language teacher Mohammed Khalil spoke about the importance of language and education to all society and he promised that he will continue this work and keep supporting the people of the village as much as he can.

Housekeeping Campaign in Xana Sare – Derika hamko
‘’Our Cleanness Is an Indication of Our Awareness’’
By initiative of Environment & Health Committee in the Popular Council of Xana Sare village – Derik with participation of multi-aged village sons and under slogan of ‘’Our Cleanness Is an indication of Our Awareness’’ , a housekeeping campaign has initiated in the village.

Women Star Union in Western Kurdistan
Inaugurating Woman House in Rajo- Efrin
Last Friday and under name ‘’Tuldahran Martyr’’ Star Union Organization has inaugurated  a woman house in Rajo-Efrin, hundreds of women attended the inaugurating.

Violence Extension to Kurdish Areas
Qamishlo-  Booby-trapped Car Explosion In Front Of Political Intelligence Office
Eight people of Syrian forces members were killed by exploding a Booby-trapped car in Algarbi district and not less than 15 wounded also.
And as per the available info. So far, the explosion targeted political security platoon in the city which still have several offices in it.
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Democratic Union Party Office Openning In Amude