logo_kobaneFinal declaration

01 July 2015 hosted by the European Parliament

On the 15th of September, 2014, Da’esh launched a major offensive against the Kurdish Canton of Kobanê in Syria. The Kurdish people, led by the Kurdish defence forces (YPG and YPJ), staged a large scale resistance against the attacks. The international coalition supported the resistance of the Kurdish forces with aerial bombardments. Thanks to this resistance and support, the Kurdish forces were able to liberate Kobanê on the 134th day of the attacks.

The conference considers the resistance of the men and women in Kobanê against Da`esh as a struggle for democracy, human rights, a joint future and the empowerment of women.

The liberation of Kobanê was celebrated by all democratic forces around the globe, and mostly by the 200,000 refugees that had fled Kobanê. It is of the utmost importance that these refugees can return on a voluntary basis in a safe manner and with dignity. International support is crucially needed to demine, and reconstruct basic infrastructures, and help restore crucial services in Kobanê.

To galvanize efforts in support of the people of Kobanê, Members of the European Parliament, undertook the initiative to organize an international conference for the reconstruction of Kobanê.  The conference was held on 1st July, 2015 in the European Parliament, under the auspices of President of the European Parliament M. Schulz.

The conference was attended by representatives of the city of Kobanê, activists, senior representatives of EU Institutions, UN agencies and international NGOs already involved in the reconstruction of Kobanê, and the wider donor community.

The conference welcomes the EU`s commitments: including, but not exclusive to, supporting the return to normalcy in areas of reduced violence in Syria, and in areas liberated from terrorism. Facilitating access to basic services for all people is an important part of international efforts to promote an incremental reduction of violence and sustainable stability in Syria and the region.

The conference is a crucial step to strengthen a durable partnership with the EU, and the local authorities in order to facilitate the needed support for humanitarian and political aid.

The conference also encourages a deepening of the humanitarian and political support given by the EU to all areas liberated from Da’esh.

The conference acknowledges that during the fight for Kobanê, Da`esh has placed thousands of mines and other unexploded devices to prevent the population’s return. The conference also called on all international anti-mine organizations to be part of the clean-up operations in Kobanê.

Kobanê is almost completely closed off, and entirely dependent on the Turkish border. The people of Kobanê need this corridor urgently through which they will be able to receive the help, which has been offered by the international community, to supply, protect and rebuild their city.

The conference also condemns the recent despicable and cowardly massacre in Kobanê against unarmed civilianscommitted by Da’esh, between 25 -27 June 2015, as a blatant crime against humanity.

The conference calls upon the UN and the international community to take an immediate initiative to form an investigative committee, and to shed light on the massacre that took place in Kobanê. The perpetrators of this crime, together with their financial and political backers, must be held accountable and brought to justice before an international court.

The conference concludes with the NGOs and the representatives of the political parties in the EU reiterating their commitment to pledge further and continuing support for Kobanê