The Turkish military actions of recent days on Syrian soil are directed against the Kurdish population in northern Syria (West Kurdistan) and especially against the metropolis of Afrin. The Kurdish community of Germany and its leader Ali Ertan Toprak are deeply concerned about this development, as the announced Turkish military action on the Kurdish city of Afrin would further lead to chaos and the flight of hundreds of thousands.

Toprak: “Regions that have been self-determined by Kurds for a few years have been considered safe havens for hundreds of thousands of Syrian internally displaced persons seeking protection from the Syrian civil war, and the city of Afrin alone has taken in tens of thousands of refugees.”

With the Kurdish armed forces, it was not only possible to build democratic structures in the self-determined regions, but also to decisively destroy ISIS in Syria. As reliable partners of the Western Alliance, the Kurdish armed forces have made a decisive contribution to ending the rule of the Stone Age Islamism of the IS. Toprak believes that Turkey, which has so far contributed to the destabilization of Syria, would ultimately have to accept that the logistical, military and political support of the Islamists has not led to the hoped-for overthrow of the Syrian ruler Assad. Erdogan had already indicated years ago that Turkey wanted to rejoin the power and influence of the Ottoman Empire in the region.

Toprak: “Erdogan’s dream of a Neo-Ottoman Empire that reaches deep into Syria has so far failed in the self-governing Kurdish areas of northern Syria.”

The Turkish military is in the process of attacking Syria with armaments from Europe and other NATO countries and is trying to incapacitate the Kurds. Toprak wonders if this is in the interest of the NATO partners, that the Alliance member Turkey gets involved in military adventures and tries to deprive a people of their rights.

Meanwhile, the federal government in Berlin argues with Erdogan arguments: “Turkey needs the weapons in the fight against IS.” Only – where should this fight take place? In northern Syria, the IS is no longer relevant.

Toprak emphasizes that the Kurdish people have a right to know from NATO if it supports the Turkish war against the Kurds.

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