This disproportionate and imposed encounter between the four PDKI peshmargas and the IRGC occurred while this team of PDKI cadres was stationed in the villages of Tomar-Ghamish and Kultapah for a political mission. The IRGC forces surrounded the area on Thursday night, and following a fierce counter-attack by the PDKI peshmargas, the IRGC forces retreated with heavy casualties. However, the following morning on Friday August 21st 2009, the IRGC mobilized a large number of its militias and other forces and encircled the Faizollahbeigi and Hawshar region and encountered the PDKI team once more near the area (Bapishkhan and Ghara). Following another encounter and several hours of courageous resistance, seven members of IRGC were killed and numerous injured and all the four members of the PDKI team gave their lives in this combat.
Comrade Hussein Mohammedi was born in 1974 in Faizolabegi outside of Saghez and he became Peshmerga in 1999, soon after he became a cadre in the Peshmerga forces. He leaves after him a child and his wife.
Comrade Yousef Faghihi was born in 1975 in the city of Saghez from a deprived family and he became a Peshmerga in 1999. He was self-thought in English and he worked as an English teacher and translator. He was also the host of several successful TV programs on Tishk TV.
Comrade Azad Barayie was born in the city of Saghez in 1976. He became an active member of our party in 2001 and joined the Peshmerga forces in 2004.
Comrade Seifola Dunyayie was born in 1988 in the village of Qeregoli outside of Saghez. He became an active member of our party in 2006 after which he was imprisoned for two years for affiliation with our party, upon his release he joined the Peshmerga forces in March of 2009.
We, along with condemning the clerical regime of Iran for its carnage against the Kurdish people in Iran and this team of activists of freedom and democracy, we convey our condolences to the honourable families of these fallen activists, their comrades, the people of the region and all the people of Kurdistan and we believe the ranks of these heroic peshmargas will not remain vacant.

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran
Political-Military Commission
August 26, 2009