As a result, this regime has been determined to shed the blood of this people without hesitation and constraint, and has devastated their livelihood and spread grief and misery in families across the country.  Although this trend is common nation-wide, in Kurdistan it is much more prevalent and barbaric.  A day does not go by without the blood of a Kurdish compatriot being descent by the oppressive apparatus of this regime, and in fact their offence is belonging to a Kurdish identity and call for democracy, freedom and cry for the violation of their rights.  The Islamic regime’s latest crime was the execution of Ihsan Fatahian on Wednesday morning November 11, 2009 in the prison of the city of Sanandaj, and thus, the regime entered another crime in its atrocious record.

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan(PDKI), along with condemning all of the regime’s crimes and the killing of Ihsan Fatahian, conveys its deep condolences to the family of this martyr and shares their anguish.  PDKI would like to let the people of Kurdistan and freedom-loving people of Iran know that this wave of killings and executions has spiralled and it is more likely to augment further to intimidate the general public.

Accordingly, the only way to bring to a halt this Islamist regime’s crimes against the people is the unity of the people of Iran to put an end to this regime.  We should be all aware of this reality that remaining silent in light of regime’s continued transgression bolsters the regime’s doggedness to carry on with its crimes with impunity.

Hoping, that all the youth of Kurdish nation and Iran feel the menace of this trend, and prove with their firm resolution that they will not only withstand the force, but also they will become more persistent in their demands, and resolute against the regime.

May peace be upon Ihsan Fatahian, and all the martyrs of freedom and liberation of Kurdistan!

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI)

Political Bureau


Asso Seyyad,
Public Relations
[email protected]