There is no doubt that the architect and the administrator of this period is the AKP Government, which has been in power for the last 10 years, during which it has sought to cut down anything that stands for democracy, peace and freedom, and which has become the chief representative of an oppressive mentality.

Today, members of parliament, mayors, writers, journalists, human rights activists, representatives of popular democratic organisations, lawyers, trade unionists, women and students, are all in prison as the result of the genocidal political operations carried out by the AKP Government. More than six thousand people are imprisoned because of their opinions and political activities.

From its ideological perspective, the AKP defines any construction of a democratic society as a danger and wherever there is a development of any organisation or any form of democratic opposition, the party seeks to suppress, destroy, and eliminate it.

With the most notable example seen in the Roboski Massacre, we have before us a ruling party that does not care about the deaths in this country.

Instead of trying to find a solution for the Kurdish issue, which is Turkey’s most important outstanding problem, through dialogue and political negotiations; the ruling party’s outlook prefers elimination and is responsible for an escalation in fighting and conflict resulting in an increase in deaths.

What makes this period even more dangerous is the isolation carried out in Imrali against Mr Ocalan who is an important figure in the finding of a solution for the Kurdish issue. The ignorance of the government regarding the reality of his role, the government’s persistence in maintaining the hostage and isolation policy that has been ongoing for the past 7 months is pushing Turkey further away from the solution process day by day.

To protest against the increasing political and military operations, the isolation and the hostage policy, and the perpetuation of deadlock, more than 60 people including our Sirnak MP Mrs Selma Irmak and Mr Faysal Sariyildiz, along with imprisoned friends are taking part in an indefinite hunger strike. Their demands are perfectly clear.

We, as the PDP/Bloc members of parliament, sharing the same aims as our friends, are from today starting a two day long hunger strike action in support of our friends’ honourable struggle. We would like to express once again that we hope these actions will open the way for a solution, and that we will continue our freedom and peace struggle with unshakeable determination.

There is no doubt that against the increasing oppression, democratic struggle and democratic opposition will also increase and rise. If they insist on oppression, then we have our tradition of honourable struggle.

This struggle; that has the willpower and support of millions behind it, around which millions stand together for their right and legitimate demands, is a struggle of peace, freedom and democracy. With the support of democracy forces in Turkey, this struggle will continue until an honourable peace comes to this country, until a fair solution is achieved.

We would like once again, in light of the hunger strike action, to call upon the government:
For the sake of peace; listen to the calls of those who have laid down their lives in prison for a solution, end the deadlock policies that will only damage Turkey, deepen the conflict and urgently begin the process of dialogue and negotiations.

The Kurdish issue is this country’s common issue. The solution is also a common one. Therefore, as we are moving into a critical threshold in these days and everyone needs to accept their responsibilities.

In this case, there are also duties and responsibilities that fall upon the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. If the members of this parliament are laying down their lives against the tyranny in this country, entering into a hunger strike to achieve peace for this country and for a democratic solution, then the Grand National Assembly of Turkey must play its role in the light of a historical issue like the Kurdish issue and must step in for a solution. The Assembly cannot simply stand by and remain silent; it must not.

It must never be forgotten that the achievement of a fair solution will bring gains for Turkey, whereas a deadlock will only damage the whole country.

Turkey does not have any alternative or choice apart from a democratic constitutional solution based on dialogue and negotiations. Therefore, no time must be lost and the start for a solution must take place immediately.

With these belief and opinions, and with the thought of our dear imprisoned friends uppermost in our minds, we respectfully salute all our people and the democratic public.

PDB/Bloc Group

20 February 2012