The Turkish State has not only confined itself to the implementation of methods such as denial, exile, pillage, torture and massacre against the Kurds, but also, it made the USA and the European countries a part of their crimes by seeking to close down the ROJ TV. Turkey had sought to impose its denial of Kurdish language and the culture on the European civilisation and the democratic States that have been built based on that civilisation.
The Turkish State has employed every possible method to take away the fundamental right of Kurdish people to broadcast in their own language by making the ROJ TV a point of bargain at the NATO meeting by declaring that "either the ROJ TV will close down or Mr Rasmussen will not be a Secretary General".
We would like to assert that; the ROJ TV treats as its base the Kurds’ right of freedom information in their own language, the protection of the Kurdish culture, and keeping alive the language of Asuri-Suryani’s and Arabs, which have been denied by the Turkish State, and their rights derived from international laws, freedom of conscience and freedom of expression. And now, a freedom of information right of a nation and tens of ethnic minorities is sought to be obstructed.
We need to say ‘STOP’ to this injustice, backward thinking, massacre of Kurds and their language, and the dirty crimes, denial and blackmailing by the Turkish State.
 ROJ TV’s closure would mean backstabbing, betraying, and denying the Kurds and making them an instrument of dirty relations. We should not allow this to happen.
The closure of ROJ TV would mean that the European civilisation is being a tool of anti-democratic State that has been built on the blood of minorities, and the massacre of many peoples and the Armenians being at the outset. We should not allow this to happen.
We are calling on everyone who consider themselves to be ‘enlightened’, ‘democrat’, and ‘a human being’ for their cooperation and the Government of Denmark not to depart or make concessions from the international laws, the human rights, and the freedom of expression and conscience.
ROJ TV is the voice of freedom, rights, proletarians, the oppressed, the Kurds and those who believe in that ‘ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE’. We therefore ask those who call out ‘HANDS OFF ROJ TV’ to take part in the petition.
You can sign this petition for ROJ TV by sending your name to [email protected]