This team had travelled to Austria to negotiate a peaceful solution and obtain political rights for the Kurdish nation with the appointed Iranian representatives. This unprecedented crime took place when the Kurdish leader was on the negotiation table; the case has never resolved and the murderers remained unpunished to this day. 

Twenty years following this unjust event, we are resolved that this murder case be reopened and the truth brought forth to the world.  Justice must be served and the harsh reality of these events re-examined in the light of today.  An independent judicial review would pave the way and remedy this historical injustice – establishing beyond a doubt the truth surrounding the murder of Dr. Ghassemlou.

We hereby demand that the Austrian government allocates sufficient resources to carry out legal proceedings and bring this case, closed for many years, to a satisfactory and just conclusion.  A society without a genuine commitment to justice is a mockery of democracy.

We call upon all organisations and individuals who sympathise with the Kurdish issues to join us and sign this petition, demanding that the case of Dr. Ghassemlou’s assassination be reopened.