PJAK: USA intelligence information in Iranian hand

Do Turkey give USA intelligence information to Iran ?

ANP – Roni Alasor -8/5/2008 / Brussels – 1 of May, six members of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) lost their lives in a Turkish air strike. According PJAK four of them was press workers. At the same time, the Turkish General Staff claimed that they had killed 150 Kurdish guerrilla soldiers in border area between Federal Kurdistan (Iraq) and Kurdistan region of Iran. Since more then one years, Iran and Turkey resume often joint shelling of PJAK areas and bombing with artillery and air strikes.

Now PJAK is claiming that the US military intelligence information gathered by spy plans in Kurdistan giving to Turkey, is in the hand of Iranian regime and used against Kurdish PJAK by Ankara and Tehran. Last night White House wasn’t able to give a comment to Ararat News regarding claims from PJAK. But Washington is cheaking the information carefuly. However experts and political analyst on Middle East here in Brussels are "confused".

In a press conference in Wednesday, Mr. Haji Ahmadi, the president of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) told to the foreign reporters in Kurdish Institute in Brussels that the military intelligent information which is giving by USA to Turkey, is used via second hand against Iranian Kurds in the aim of Iranian regime but also in the join military action by Turkey and Iran. Mr. Ahmadi told also that during Turkish air strikes 12 Kurdish villages and one school have been damaged.

PJAK leader added that they have also 25 unexploded US-made bombs used against PJAK’s guerrilla soldiers. More serious when Mr. Haji Ahmadi told to the reporters that some of those USA weapons contain chemical poisons which they will send to a laboratory for examination.

Free Life Party of Kurdistan or PJAK is a Iranian Kurdish organisation which is fighting against Iranian regime since 2003, also with armed struggle. PJAK is accused by Iranian Molla-regime and Turkish army to be financed by Israelian-MOSSAD and US-CIA.

Details of the information and claims from PJAK :

The President of PJAK, Haji Ahmadi : “On 01 May 2008 the headquarter and press unit of PJAK have been target of heavy bombardment by 25 Turkish warplanes. 12 villages and one school have been damaged. Six members of PJAK, four of them journalists, lost their lives in the assault. This attack has been carried out as part of a joint concept and cooperation of the United States, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. While the United States have major ideological differences with Iran, this attack was in the interest of Iran and has been carried out using American intelligence gathered by spy planes”.

On Thursday, 1 May 2008, Turkish military warplanes heavily bombed the Qendil region in Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq. The attacks carried out by 30 to 40 Turkish warplanes for three hours, from 11:00 pm on the first of May, to 2:00 am on the second of May.

They bombed the Press Central Unit of PJAK as well the villages of Rezge, Marado, Shnawe, Zergelêsh and Qelatukan. These attacks caused major physical and economic damage to the Kurdish civilian and their properties. In the bomb attacks six members of PJAK, four of them journalists from the Press Central Unit have become martyrs. They are: Diyako Bakhtiyari known as Herish Amed From Mahabad, Kardo Eliyali known as Argesh Bawer From Piranshahr, Behjat Takin Alp known as Firat Chele, Jamal Rasuli known as Armanj Mariwan From Mariwan, Memed Guren known as Wedad Amed From Amed, Rahim Borna known as Raman Cawid From Mahabad

Hundreds of families who live under difficult circumstances have been intimidated by the air raids. A school has been destroyed and the teachers have left the villages, thus the children are now without school and teachers. Hundreds of livestock have been killed, causing serious economical damage to the villages. On top of this, the regional government and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have imposed an embargo on the region and closed it off to journalists.

The attacks occurred shortly after a high level Iranian delegation visited Turkey in April and signed a security and economic agreement between the two countries to cooperate against PJAK and the Kurdish people in both countries.

While Turkey shouldered the role of the actual attacker, the assaults were the result of an agreement   between Iran, Turkey and Iraq and of American intelligence sharing. It is important to mention that on the day of the attacks a Turkish delegation, led by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Chief Adviser Ahmet Davutoglu was in Iraq and at the same time the deputy president of Iraq, Tariq Al-Hashimi, was in Turkey for diplomatic talks. This means that a new phase of attacks against the Kurdish people has started, which will lead to more turmoil in the region. The role of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government is submissive to the Turkish policies against the Kurds.

It is necessary to find out why the headquarter of PJAK has been bombed. Why the intelligence provided by the United States used in favour of the Iranian state? And why does the Turkish regime   militarily targets Kurdish organisations of another part of Kurdistan? We ask the United States and the Kurdistan Regional Government to give an explanation for this, or they shall lose all credibility in our eyes. The USA tells the world that it has a strategic conflict with the theocratic regime in Iran. But when the Kurdish people in Iran wages a sacrificing, modern struggle for the democratisation of the country, they provide the means for an attack on them!

Meanwhile 25 bombs that did not explode have been found. The writings on the bombs suggest that they contain chemical weapons. They are being examined; the results from independent scientific laboratories will be published soon.

In addition to these Turkish barbaric attacks the Associated Press, hired journalists and other press agencies are publishing misinformation about PJAK. These media news articles which claim that PJAK will carry out suicide attacks against Iraq and the USA interests in the region are untrue and fabricated, they are against PJAK principles, policies and democratic values. We ask the AP and other press agencies to clarify and correct their wrong information about PJAK and the Kurdish people.


1. PJAK is based mainly inside Eastern Kurdistan and Iran, not in Iraq. It depends on the support of the Kurdish and Iranian people. It is a democratic national movement for the Kurds in Iran. Its aim’s are to unite the Kurdish and Iranian opposition, to change the oppressive Islamic regime in Iran and to establish a free democratic con-federal system for the Kurds and the Iranian peoples. "Changing of the regime to a democratic system in which all citizens; Iranians, Kurds, Azaries, Baluchs, Turkomans and Arabs and all other ethnic groups within the framework of the democratic system, can govern themselves."

2. PJAK is against any suicide or terrorists attacks. It adheres to the roles of the United Nations human rights declaration. It is in self defense and does not launch any military cross border attacks from Iraq. All of the operations inside Iran are in self defense and to protect our people from the Iranian security and revolutionary Guards forces continues atrocities and forced assimilation.

3. PJAK is not a rebels organization. PJAK is a political massive national democratic movement of the Kurds in Iran. PJAK strategy is to use all form of struggle; political, social, economic, nonviolence civil disobedience, human rights, NGOS and to carry arms in self defense etc,. "PJAK is always continuing the work and struggle needed to achieve an increase in the level of intelligence, a democratic organization of people as well as practice of the democratic values, to achieve a radical type of democracy and to be able to launch a system of democratic confederacy in eastern Kurdistan."

4. PJAK is a self sufficient and independent organization. It depends on the Kurds and Iranian people support, contrary to the Iranian dictatorial regime misinformation campaign that PJAK getting help from the USA and the west. We again declare to the public opinion that PJAK did not receive any help from any country including the USA. We depend on the support of our people and on our organization.

The Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) calls upon the United States of America, Iraq, the European Union and the European states to realize that the path to security and democracy in the Middle East leads through a change of the Iranian theocratic regime. Therefore a positive approach to the Kurdish question and the demands and views of Iran’s peoples and the peoples of the Middle East is necessary. Oligarchic, theocratic and reactionary states cannot be force of stability and cannot meet the demands of the peoples. At the same time these states undermine global security by setting up and funding fundamentalist groups.

It is time to put stop to the atrocities and human rights violations of the Turkish and Iranian Islamic oppressive regimes.

 We call upon the international community to help the Kurds and the peoples of Iran in their struggle for democracy, freedom and peace.