Firstly we do honour and recall the heroic martyrdom of these comrades, and do bow the heads of our reverence and indebtedness to them as well as to all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the path of Kurdish freedom. The execution of these comrades was the consequences of a political bargaining and an evil conspiracy directed by Iran and Turkey aimed at the liquidation and annihilation of Kurdish resistance movement. To reach political balance among themselves and to preserve their own interests, the occupying powers of Kurdistan have always scapegoated the Kurds.
The Kurdish people have struggled for many years to achieve their legitimate and democratic rights, along with the consolidation of democracy, justice and freedom. Thus they have been subjected to massive oppression and eradicative policies by the occupying powers of Kurdistan, who are well aware that the freedom of Kurdish people is an inspiration for the struggles of other Middle Easter nations. This is why they are in a solid cooperation with one another and with the implementation of manifold conspiracies against the Kurds; they seek to break the will-power and determination of Kurdish people for struggle.
In the last decade the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan, equipped with new model and method of struggle, initiated an all-inclusive campaign. The Iranian regime by no means is prepared to admit the Kurdish identity and will-power.  In the last two year the regime has been encountered with a wide trend of discontent and protestations. To quell such restlessness, and particularly to liquidate the Kurdish liberation struggle, it has responded to the democratic and legitimate demands of the Kurdish and Iranian nation by oppression, violence and inhuman acts. The execution of political dissents and the Iranian citizens have become commonplace. One person is executed every 8 hours in Iran…
The militaristic oligarchy situated inside the Iranian state seeks to consolidate the dictatorial and Unitarian government. Not only inside Iran, but also outside the Iranian borders they have endeavoured to liquidate the discontent people and make serious obstacles to the region’s trend of democratisation. Without a doubt, execution of the Kurdish and Iranian campaigners is implemented within the framework of such policies and schemes. Despite the enhancement of the struggle of the Middle Eastern nations and the successive demolition of the dictatorial regimes of this region, the Iranian state is persistent on its oppression and violent clampdown of the dissenters; suppression, execution, killing, torture, arrest and threatening of the people carried out more than ever, reaching an alarming stage!
The historic resistance of our comrades Ferzad, Shirin, Ali, Ferhad, and Husen in the Iranian prisons, their high spirit of altruism and their extraordinary determination has become a symbol of struggle for freedom; it gave a new impetus to the Kurdish nation and rendered the Iranian vice-policies ineffective. In the first anniversary of their execution, we call upon the international community as well as the European governments to stand firm behind the Kurdish people in their resistance against the state-terrors of the occupying powers of Kurdistan. Europe should not stay silent in the face of such horrendous crimes perpetrated by the Iranian regime against the Kurdish and other Iranian people. Economic sanction against Iran would only target the civilians and further consolidate the power of Revolutionary Guard Corps who is the main perpetrator of such violence against the people. Europe should take into consideration a concrete steps including political sanction of Iranian criminal regime.
Long live Kurdish Resistance Movement…..

PJAK – Free Life Party of Kurdistan, Belgium