Coordination of PJAK regarded the relentless bombardments as savage and called upon the Kurdish groups to evaluate the current Turkish offensive correctly. It also called upon them to take appropriate stance and strengthen national unity in response.

“Our comrades, Rostem Cudi, Chichik Botan, and Ali Sher Kochgiri were symbol of unique resistance; they were dedicated revolutionaries, and the truthful forerunners of our nation. Having deepened in the philosophy of Apoism, and a truth way of struggle for freedom they applied their entire power. Although the martyrdom of such comrades are heavy for the Kurdish people, our comrades and our ranks have proved for our foes, by the martyrdom of our comrades the occupying powers of Kurdistan will not be able to deter our resistance movement,” the statement explained.

Pointing to the current stage the Kurdish resistance movement are experiencing, the Coordination of PJAK addresses the Kurdish people and the other groups and says: “persistence on dismantling the policies of denial, annihilation and occupation would have new attainment for the Kurdish people, and would guarantee the current achievements. In the current phase in which the Kurdish people are taking stronger steps each day, the correct evaluation of the recent offensives and the adaptation of a right stance in all parts of Kurdistan is inevitable.”

PJAK adds that any standpoint legitimise the current offensives, is to the detriment of Kurdish people. In this regard, PJAK calls upon the Kurdish Regional Government to take a right position.