Your Excellency the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Dear Angela Merkel

Through the media I have been informed that the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran has requested your government for my extradition to Iran. It should be noted that from the onset of its foundation up till now, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been a major challenge to the establishment of peace and stability in the region and the main source of fundamental Islam. The Iranian current policies and endeavours are not only the major threat to the security and stability of the region and the Islamic world, but also a threat to the international domains.

The Kurdish nation has long been struggling to achieve its national rights such as its national identity, its political, social, cultural, economic and religious rights within the context of a democratic Iran. The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) is an organisation established to achieve these goals and it struggles to secure these ends. To realize these objectives, it is doing its utmost to find a peaceful solution through the application of dialogue and political methods. To this end, in its first conference held in April 2010, PJAK formulated a democratic road map devoid of violence and hostility, and forwarded to the Iranian Authorities. On 19th October 2010, we also proposed a 7 points declaration for a democratic solution to the Kurdish and other Iranian nations’ question, and forwarded it to the Iranian regime. Additionally I wrote a letter to the United Nations Secretary General Mr Ban Ki Moon on 28th April 2010. Furthermore, I sent another letter to Ms Catherine Ashton the European Minster for the Foreign Affairs on 10th May 2010.

In the letters I had outlined the troubles and the predicaments the Iranian nations are entangled with, and have appealed for assistance to find a political solution. PJAK has never advocated an armed struggle, but in a system such as Iran, all doors for political works are closed. To pursue political work, we need to hold arms, and these arms are only to defend ourselves; the legitimate self-defence is the right of every one.

To counterbalance our endeavour in finding of a political solution, the Iranian regime is responding us with katuysha, rackets and bombardments.

Since 15th July the Iranian regime has been sending troops to the Iraqi borders; it has stationed a significant numbers of troops estimated around 50,000 Revolution Guards and waged a series of offensives aiming to occupy the region. The clashes and hostility has been escalating between the Iranian Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and the guerrillas of PJAK. Since the outbreak of the war 255 Revolution Guards and 16 guerrillas have lost their lives. The villagers and the local residents have also been effected by the war and seen physical and economical injuries. As a result of the Iranian artillery shelling three villagers have lost their lives and many more have been injured. Great numbers of livestock have been killed, forests and pastoral nature has been seriously damaged. Several houses and a school demolished in the village of Sune.

According to the Red Cross statistic, more than 800 families have been displaced and found refugee in the hillsides of Qendil Mountains. They have been settled in the mountain’s caves, in the tents or have been accommodated in the relative’s houses; they are in urgent needs of the United Nations’ assistance.

The intention behind the Iranian latest offensive was to take hold of a strategic point of South Kurdistan (North Iran). Iran wants to hold on to the situation of the 20th century and hostile to the social and political changes that emanating from North Africa and sweeping across the region heading toward Iran; the Syrian uprising in particular, has seriously threatened Iran. Owing to the fact that the Iranian people want changes and democracy, the Iranian regime wants to threaten and silence its people through the use of arrests, executions and military invasions.

By the current occupying offensives, Iran wants to increase its leverage on the Iraqi regime. It hopes to occupy the areas under the control of the Kurdish guerrillas and replace it with the ultra Islamist groups such as Ansar al-Islam, Hezbollah and Al-Qaida. In this way it seeks to destabilise the entire region. That would be a major threat to the region if Iran is not prevented from doing so by the international powers. The withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq is another reason behind such invasions. From now on, Iran wants to increase its weight on the Iraqi government to form a Shiite Islamic System.

The request by the Islamic Republic of Iran for my condemnation and extradition to the Iranian authority is a bizarre and extraordinary. Instead of the evaluation of the assassinations of political activists Iran carried out in the last few decades, and the re-assessing of their current cross-border operations in Iraqi territories which violated all the international laws, Iran seeks to further pressurize the opposition groups. The arbitrary arrests, torture, execution and assassinations of political activist are worth of consideration. The assassination of Dr, Shapour Bakhtiar in Paris, Dr Abull-Rahman Ghasemlou in Vienna and Dr Sadiq Sharafkandi in Berlin were all carried out in Europe. The assassinations of hundreds of other political activists have also been carried out by the orders of the Iranian authorities by their agents in abroad.

According to the International Human Rights Committee, Iran is the second the country in the world for execution. All these cases of human rights violation, the restriction and prohibition of the press, prohibition on the freedom of speech, prohibition of the assembly and civil/political institutions, all stands in sharp contrast with the international human rights standards.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is fabricating fake stories and making spurious propagation against PJAK, i.e. it claims that PJAK wants to split Iran into pieces, PJAK has been created by the foreign powers including the US, with the help of Israel PJAK wants to split Iran, PJAK is an offshoot of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party), and PJAK is engaged in drug trafficking. The Iranian intention behind these spurious propagation is to legitimate its illegal and occupying military operations against the Kurds. 

Once again we declare that we do our utmost to reassure the rights of the Kurds as well as other Iranian nations in the Iranian constitution, and within the Iranian current borders we seek to address the issues in a peaceful and democratic way. If we are reassured that we can carry out our social, political and cultural works freely without fears of arbitrary arrest, torture and executions, what do we need our arms for? We would have disarmed and pursued political and social work.

Via this letter I sought to outline the goals and the process of the latest Iranian military assaults on the Kurdish people. I regard the international initiative and endeavour in the prevention of the current aggression against the Kurds and the cross border of the Iraqi’s territories, as necessary; since this is an occupying invasion and is in gross violation of all the international laws. I would be grateful and the Kurds would much appreciate had the German Authority take some steps in this respect.

The Iranian Minister for Foreign Affair has requested the German Authority for my condemnation. Additionally the spokesperson for the Iranian Committee of Human Rights has via a letter requested my extradition to Iran. Hereby I would like to declare that I am ready to be tried in an International Court with the Iranian Authority.

Your sincerely

Rahman Haji Ahmadi

The Secretary General of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) 28/July/2011