KCK, which has been pressing the government to announce a truce of its own, accused Turkish state and AKP government of failing to take necessary steps for peace.  "Despite our efforts to stop the violence AKP government and Turkish state followed politic tactics to eliminate Kurdish freedom movement" the statement said.

PKK and KCK declared unilateral ceasefire for 6 times since 1993, all were ignored by Ankara.

Following Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s proposals, the latest unilateral ceasefire was declared by PKK 13 months ago. But Turkish military attacks against Kurdish guerillas continued. According to People Defence Forces (HPG), military wing of PKK, figures Turkish army operations against guerilla forces were counted 273.

Since 2009 Turkish police started a huge crackdown against pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) and jailed 1500 of its members. 

The statement said AKP government is responsible for "an upcoming tragic war".

Turkish military has been heavily bombarding the areas of PKK presence over the past couple of weeks on the border territories and several clashes have taken place between the two sides leaving casualties.

Last week the violence between Kurdish guerillas and Turkish military left over 40 dead. (ANF, June 1, 2010)