These planned attacks on the Kurdish towns and villages in Syria, aiming to evict the Kurdish people from their towns and force them to commit the jihadi and salafi path, not only in Kurdish areas but in the whole of Syria.

Recent days have revealed falsity and deception practiced by some political forces of the Syrian opposition. Some factions and armed battalions, claiming Islam for their actions every day in most areas in Syria by killing, slaughtering and beating every person who disagrees with them, is the same policy of the Baath regime.
It has become clear to the whole world that the factions fighting in Syria, which speak in a name of Islam, will turn against its people when the accounts of the spoils and profits larger in the front compared with another front. Therefore we assure the Syrian people that those who raise his weapon on the people in the Kurdish areas today, will raise it tomorrow in the heart of his people in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs, Daraa and Deir el Zor. It is the same policy which the bath regime has followed and is still following.
The timing of the battles in the Kurdish areas against the Kurdish people comes at a time of growing calls for the support of the opposition militarily and politically. This raises fears that the weapons coming from friendly countries to the opposition, and the countries that support the regime, will turn against the Syrian people and the Kurdish people in particular. 
In the time that the EU countries are preparing for a meeting in order to discuss arming the Syrian opposition amid calls French and British to take steps towards translating it on the ground.
After it became clear that the Syrian revolution has derailed and that what was adopted by some in the Syrian Revolution to the concepts of freedom and democracy was a deception of history, politics, and therefore the Democratic Union Party is declaring the following:
– We, in the Democratic Union Party, reassure our people on the course of the battles to defend the Kurdish areas of Syria in the face of treacherous attacks by some factions fighting which has chosen to stand against its people instead of facing the Assad regime in Damascus. We also confirm that we are ready to stand against any attack now or in the future.
–  The Democratic Union Party believes that the recent attacks confirm the falsity of their political motto that they are facing the regime and seek to spread freedom and democracy and that seeks to defend the strategic city Homs which they describe in their statements as the capital of the revolution at the time when the regime continue to siege Homs and it’s rebels.  
-Our party demand from all forces, whatever side they support the opposition or the regime to reconsider the Syrian arms shipments and military assistance of the Baathist regime and the armed opposition because it’s not using in the right direction, which increases the intensity of the conflict between the  two forces which the Syrian people pay its price.
The Democratic Union Party (PYD)  – Europe.
21July  2013.
Info. and Relations Centre Of Democratic Union Party
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