1. Salih Muslim: Kurdish parties supported the draft interim government in the western Kurdistan

Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party PYD Salih Muslim said they discussed the draft of the interim government with all the Kurdish parties, especially with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Workers Party. He pointed out that all parties confirmed their support for the draft, but that their views have not been stated formally. Concerning the Syrian oppositions opinion on the draft interim self-management, Muslim said:” we did not announce the interim administration in western Kurdistan formally; it is only a draft for discussion, and I believe everyone should support and endorse this project”. He stressed that it is through the participation of The National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syrian that the draft has been introduced and therefore “we did not see any negative reaction”.  But there are those who want to convey to the public that this project aims to divide Syria and accuses the Kurds of being separatists. These accusations are made from a chauvinistic standpoint. The people in western Kurdistan are in need of a management or an interim government in order to provide for the conduct of their affairs and to meet the requirements of their daily life. Mislim pointed out that the coordinating body would issue a statement in support for the legitimacy of the interim administration in western Kurdistan. However there are some parties seeking to exaggerate some matters, and they do not want Kurds to live in a safe and stable environment. The United States too did not accept the idea of the interim government in western Kurdistan, but after a meeting with the representative of our party met with officials from the state department, there seems to be at least some hope for debating it. 

2 Ongoing clashes between the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Jabhat Alnusra as well as the state of Islam in Iraq and the Levant.

Tell Abyad – after an attack by the Al Qaida based Jabhat Al Nusra on Kurdish neighborhoods in Tel Abyad, dozens of Kurdish citizens were abducted. This prompted a response from the Kurdish Brigade (Jabhat Al Akrad) which are currently protecting the people there. As a result of the clashes that took place in the city, according to information gathered by the reporter of Hawar News Agency, more than 10 fighters of Jabhat Al Nusra were killed. A reliable source from within the border gate in the city of Tel Abyad has confirmed to the Hawar News Agency that the Turkish army sent a shipment of various types of weapons to Jabaht Al Nusra and the state of Islam in Iraq and the Levant, which was distributed among the fighters. The source, who would not disclose his name for the sake of his safety, that the weapons entered into Tell Abyad across the border gate in the night and in secret, And handed over to Jabhat Alnusra and the State of Islam.

After the weapons were distributed to the islamist fighters, theh moved their barriers and regrouped outside the city near the Yabisa village, 3 km west of Til Ebyed. Here they dug trenches and concentrated their fighters. An attempt to blow up the village’s school failed and four fightes were subsequently arrested by local protection committees. One of the fighters turned out to be the commander of Jabhat Al Nusra “Abu Musab”. The city witnessed a period of tension with closed shops and random arrests and harassment by the islamist groups, especially in the Kurdish neighborhoods. 

Tell Abyad:  The armed groups of Jabhat Alnusra and the state of Islam in Iraq and the Levant bombed the people’s house (Mala Gel)  in Tell Abyad city. They also attacked civilian neighbourhoods. Clashes also erupted in the surrounding villages of Sukarya and Yabisa. Local witnesses and reporters claimed that they saw 6 Turkish military tanks enter Til Ebyed city. 

Furthermore the commander of Jabhat Al Nusra, Abu Musab, was released by the Kurdish brigade in exchange for 400 Kurdish civilians who had previously been kidnapped. However many Kurdish civilians remain hostage to the Al Nusra group. 

Gerke Lege:  11 militants killed from Jabhat Alnusra and the state of Islam in the Levant and Iraq in the vicinity of Swedia village which is located between Gerke Lege and Tall Kochar town. Two vehicles were destroyed. Fighting continues.

SereKaniye: Kurdish protection units, YPG, kicked out armed groups from Sere Kaniye city after two days of clashes. Sporadic clashes continue in the vicinity of Tell Halaf and Asfar Najjar. Jabhat Alnusra and the state of Islam in Iraq and the Levant are targeting Sere Kaniye from twin city Ceylanpinar (Northern Kurdistan, Turkey) across the border.

3. Kurdish National conference.


A delegation of politicians from western Kurdistan (Northern Syria) went to South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) in order to have meetings and discussions as part of the ongoing preparations for the Kurdish National conference which had been proposed by the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.

After the conferences in Ankara, Amed and Brussels, and at the suggestion of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan, preparations began in South Kurdistan to realize a “Kurdish National conference ” in Erbil. 

4. Educational and cultural events.

Hasakah : The independent children’s rights organization in the city of Al-Hasakah opened free educational courses for primary school students in order to increase the educational level of the students. The lessons will be given to students from first class until fourth class on a daily basis. The topics range from sports, entertainment, painting and music.

Afrin: Afrin radio has become an important source of news for the people and although it is in the experimental phase and do not cover the area adequately, large number of people in the region listen to it.

Qamishlo : The Democratic Union Party (PYD) continues meetings with all political parties and political organizations and movements and civil rights organisations in the western Kurdistan in order to discuss the draft of the joint administration.

Kobani: For the first time in western Kurdistan, primary and secondary students in Kobanî and Afrin city held the Kurdish language exam, which is considered a new step to coincide with the celebrations taking place in the two regions on the occasion of the first anniversary of the revolution of July 19th (which marks the demise of the Baath rule from the Kurdish areas)

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