On July 13, 1989 one of the most tragic events in Kurdish history took place in Vienna, Austria. On that day Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, the General-Secretary of Kurdistan Democratic Party (Iran), Abdullah Ghaderi-Azar and Fadhil Rassoul who were negotiating with representatives from Islamic Republic of Iran were brutally murdered. This team had travelled to Austria to negotiate a peaceful solution and obtain political rights for the Kurdish people in Iran. Despite the indisputable evidence on that time; the Austrian government did not allow the police authority and the judicial system to conclude the investigation and the legal process. As a result this unprecedented crime which had taken place in the capital of a democratic European country was never resolved and the murderers remained unpunished to this day.

Twenty years following this unjust event; we are resolved that this murder case must be reinstated. The truth behind this murder case relying on the facts found previously and new facts which point to the participation of Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadanejad in this horrible crime; should be brought to the light. An independent judicial review would pave the way and remedy this historical injustice which was committed to the Kurdish and Iranian freedom loving people. The course of events today proves that such an action would serve democracy in Iran as well as national security of European countries.

We hereby demand that the Austrian government grants the reinstatement of the case so the legal proceedings could carry out and bring this case, closed for many years, to a satisfactory and just conclusion.

We call upon all organisations and individuals who sympathise with the Kurdish issue and democracy in Iran or advocate peace, freedom and justice in the world to join us and sign this petition, demanding that the case of Dr. Ghassemlou?s assassination be reinstated.


The Undersigned

1.                  Ingvar Carlsson                                     (Previous prime minister in Sweden)

2.                  Conny Fredriksson                                (Previous chairman of The Socialist       International’s Working Group on the Kurdish Question)

3.                  Jeremy Corbyn                                     (Member of Parliament, Labour Party)

4.                  Carol Prunhuber                                    (Journalist and writer)

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