Although Roj TV is a media establishment that was founded in accordance with European laws, unfortunately the closure decision holds an absolute political meaning.

The broadcast streaming of RojTV was nominally composed of all the news and actuality that is of interest to Kurds plus culture and arts programs, as a broadcasting institution that plays a prominent role in the protection of the Kurdish language and culture, due to the bans and restrictions on it. Roj TV has also followed a broadcast policy that dealt with the social, cultural, economic and political lives, current issues of Kurds that live in four different countries, in Caucasia and Europe.

The closure of Roj TV that has strived to help Kurds and also different ethnic belief groups that live in this geography to be privy to intelligence, to broadcast in their own tongues and to develop and protect their own cultures is a blow on the freedom of communication of the Kurdish people and is a violation of human rights.

The freedom to broadcast in their mother tongue, which is the most natural right of the Kurds was dispossessed.

With these operations Belgium has lent support to anti-democratic arrests that are simultaneously carried out in Turkey and has thus blocked the road to solution and peace in the Kurdish problem.

Roj TV is the language, culture and pride of the Kurds. This attack made on Roj TV is also made on the language and culture of the Kurds.

Roj TV is based on the rights of Kurds receiving news in their mother tongue, protection of Kurdish culture, sustenance of Kurdish, Assyrian-Syrian, Arabic and other minority languages that the Turkish state denies and the thought and press rights of these most ancient peoples that are derived from international laws. Now that which is desired to be hindered is the right of a nation and tens of minorities to receive the news in their mother tongues.

The closure of Roj TV is a great coup against democracy and human rights

Let’s say “STOP” to this injustice, this outdated mentality, this massacre of languages and cultures!

We are inviting everybody who says “I am democrat”, “I am a human being” to solidarity with ROJ TV and we strongly condemn the policy of the Belgium government and European states that make concessions to the legal system, international laws, human rights, and the freedom of press and thought.

We hereby call Belgium and European Union to abjure this error.

We are inviting European countries to abandon the production of scenarios on the Kurdish people and stop playing games and to contribute to the peaceful solution of the problem.

Kampanya İletişim:
Eren Keski
[email protected]
Mahmut Alinak [email protected]
Mehmet Atak [email protected]
Meral Danış Beştaş [email protected]
Nil Demirkazık [email protected]
Sebahat Tuncel [email protected]