1. PJAK: Iran cannot stop the Kurdish spring by banning Newroz
For our nation, Newroz has been a symbol of resistance and struggle throughout the history.
Although Newroz is a common value between nations in the Middle East, but for Kurds, Newroz
has another meaning and importance. For us Newroz means resistance, continuos struggle, eternal
culture and democratic civilization. Zero-tolerance for occupations and oppressions among the
Kurdish nation as one of the world’s oldest nature-based communities is deeply implemented in
each individuals’ personality and it has become a traditional culture and lifestyle. This culture
reflects in Newroz as a symbol and still is alive.
By keeping the spirit of Newroz in the personality of thousands of revolutionaries, the Kurdish
nation has broken the policies and the system of twentieth century. As a result of Newroz’ spirit we
have reached the solution stage for the Kurdish question. International and regional powers have no
choice but to admit the power and willpower of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish nation is closer
than ever to light the torch of Newroz of freedom. The achievements in western Kurdistan after a
long term of resistance and struggle are showing us this truth.
The process of solving Kurdish question initiated by our leader, Abdullah Öcalan, has improved the
Kurds role in the Middle East and the World. And one-century resistance inspired by Newroz is
going to guide our nation to the victory in the Newroz of freedom. Of course the enemies of our
nation will not be silent. The Islamic Republic of Iran has deeply concerned about the Kurdish
nation’s will and power, which is the greatest power for democratic changes, therefore they have
increased the pressure on Kurds.
The mass number of arrests, pressure against political prisoners, executions, mass murder of
Kolbers, and continuing the policy of destruction of Kurdish social life are the consequences of
Islamic Republic of Iran’s fear regarding to the results of the stage of solution to Kurdish question.
The changes in the regime’s attitude reflect the importance of this year’s Newroz and its effects on
eastern Kurdistan.
It is clear that the changes in the Middle East finally resolve in Iran, and victory of the Kurds in
eastern Kurdistan will be assured. The Islamic Republic of Iran should know that the people in
eastern Kurdistan has created the patriotic culture, and soul of resistance, inspired by Ferzad, Shirin,
Ferhad and Ali, and the soul of victory of Simko, Egid, Befrin And tens of other heroes. And their
freedom spring has begun with the freedom spring in all parts of Kurdistan. It is impossible to stop
the Kurdish spring by banning Newroz. The Islamic Republic of Iran is not able to prevent this truth
that Newroz 2013 (2713 Kurdish) will become a freedom Newroz and a Kurdish spring. It is also
clear that it will be the truest spring among nations of the Middle East and it will force other states
to change.
As The Free Life Party of Kurdistan congratulate Newroz to our leader, Abdullah Öcalan, and our
nations martyrs, who represent this century’s Kawa and to the Kurdish nation specially the family of
martyrs. We see the Newroz 2013 as a beginning of the Kurdish spring in eastern Kurdistan and we
mobilise all our power and abilities to achieve success in the Kurdish spring in eastern Kurdistan.
The Coordination of The Free Life Party of Kurdistan – PJAK 20.03.2013, PJAK Official Website (pjak.eu/en) http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5514
2. Respect for rights must be at heart of negotiations with PKK
The Turkish authorities must act on today’s announcement of ceasefire by the imprisoned Kurdistan
Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdulah Ocalan, Amnesty International said today.
“The Turkish authorities must seize the opportunity created by PKK chief Abdulah Ocalan’s call for
a truce and work for a lasting peace based on justice for victims of human rights abuses committed
by both sides during the decades of conflict,” said John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia
Programme Director.
“The road to peace will throw up challenges but an atmosphere of openness and free exchange of
opinion will provide the surest foundation for the negotiations the Turkish authorities have been
having with the PKK in recent months.”
“Amnesty International has repeatedly called for an end of the violence, an impartial investigation
into human rights violations and for the promotion of the economic social and cultural rights of the
Kurdish minority.”
As many as 40,000 people are thought to have died since 1984 when armed clashes between the
PKK and the Turkish armed forces began. The conflict has also resulted in widespread human rights
abuses, both in the Kurdish dominated south-east and across the country. The PKK has called for
autonomy for the Kurds as part of a package of demands. Source: Amnesty International Website
3. Newroz is symbol of freedom struggle
Newroz represents resistance against injustice, and is a symbol of struggle for freedom. Thousands
being martyred to demonstrate that Kurds resist and fight against injustice and oppression. Today
Kurdish struggle for freedom has reached its peak, and demand freedom, justice and peace for all
people in Kurdistan, and the Middle East.
On behalf of Rojhelat.info we congratulate Newroz to all, and we wish a life full of success for
Kurds and all who seek freedom and peace. We hope Newroz 2713 brings peace and harmony for
all nations. Rojhelat.info 21.3.2013, http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5510
4. Abdullah Ocalan’s message; new phase is now beginning
Amed — “Happy Newroz to all the oppressed in search of freedom”, said the Kurdish leader and
added “greetings to all those who celebrate Newroz today on the way to democratization and
liberation”. The Kurdish leader went on saying that “political oppression have subjected the people
of Mesopotamia with the support of Western intervening powers. The peoples of Middle East and
Asia are awakening now and saying no to the wars waged against them”.
“Millions of people taking to the Newroz areas today demand peace and solution. This struggle
which began with my individual rising is against the oppression, injustice, and ignorance”.
“A new door is being opened from the process of armed conflict to democratization and democratic
politics. We paid a high price but none of the sacrifices of struggles of Kurds went for nothing”
The PKK leader is saying that a “new phase is now beginning”. The message begun with the
Kurdish leader saluting the people celebrating Newroz. “One of the most ancient peoples in
Mesopotamian and Anatolian territory”. Öcalan said that the western imperialism created artificial
borders between the peoples of the Middle East in the last century and aimed to make peoples kill
each other.
“This fight is against injustice, reactionism and exploitation, not against any society or culture. We
are waking up for a new Turkey, for a new Middle East”, said Öcalan and underlined that “A new
process is beginning”.
“We have reached the point where weapons should be silent and ideas and politics should speak. A
new phase in our struggle is beginning,” Ocalan’s message said.
5. KCK (Union of Communities in Kurdistan) : Our movement is both ready for peace and war
Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) Executive Council Presidency issued a statement
regarding the ongoing process of talks in Imrali prison with the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan
and Newroz.
KCK stated: “the strategy that leader Apo is suggesting in the ongoing negotiations is not just about
the northern Kurdistan, it is a historic period for all parts of Kurdistan. Our movement is both ready
for peace and also for war. In the New Year, our movement by relying on its inherent power will
achieve victory.”
KCK in the statement emphasized that we hope for a democratic solution, victory and freedom in
the upcoming year. “But the Kurdish movement properly prepares for all possibilities. If we would
not achieve a democratic solution we have other plans for achieving freedom and democracy,” KCK
“Our leader will announce a new stage. In this stage establishment of free life and freedom is the
aim of Kurdish struggle. This Newroz is an important beginning for the new stage,” KCK added.
Calling all Kurds to widely participate in Newroz celebrations, KCK stated: “the passionate
presence in the Newroz celebrations in northern Kurdistan and Turkey showed this fact that Kurdish
people will not accept the policy of denial and assimilation anymore.” http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5500
6. Large scale arrests of Kurdish civil activists reflect Human rights violations in eastern Kurdistan
Eastern Kurdistan — Mehabad Intelligence Office forces have arrested several Kurdish civil
activists and journalists over the past few weeks, transferring them to the Mehabad Intelligence
Office’s Information Unit and telling their families not to talk about the arrests. The identities of
several of those arrested are not yet known, but local sources report that at least 10 individuals have
been arrested. The Senendej Intelligence Office also arrested five labor activists in Senendej on
Thursday, March 7.
“On February 17, forces from the Mehabad Intelligence Office arrested a Kurdish student by the
name of Ferzad Samani, and transferred him to the [Intelligence Office] Information Unit’s
Detention Center; simultaneously, intelligence forces also arrested his cousin in another part of the
city. There have also been reports of widespread arrests of more individuals in this same way, but
due to pressure on families, the identities of the others have not yet been revealed. Five days after
his arrest, Intelligence Office forces stormed the home of Ferzad Samani, searched the premises
while disrespecting his family, and arrested his older brother, Farouq Samani, an artist and a former
political prisoner, transferring him to the Information Unit’s Detention Center. Also, on February
25, intelligence forces arrested a Kurdish cultural activist and former political prisoner by the name
of Resoul Xzr Morovat, and transferred him to the Information Center Detention Center. There have
been no reports about the reasons for the individuals’ arrests. The detainees made short telephone
calls to their families and informed them of their detention inside the Mehabad Intelligence Office’s
Information Unit Detention Center,” the local human rights activist told the Campaign.
“The wave of arrests also included Qasem Ehmedi, a former university student and editor of student
publication Rojhe, who was arrested on Wednesday, March 6, after he was summoned to the
Mehabad Intelligence Office. Intelligence forces also went to his home, searched the premises, and
confiscated his computer and some of his personal property. The next day, on Thursday, March 7,
security forces went to the home of Xosrow Kordpour, managing editor of Mukriyan News, and
arrested him after searching his home,” the activist added.
On Thursday, March 7, Senendej Intelligence Office forces simultaneously stormed the homes of
five labor activists and arrested Xalid Hosseini, Hamed Mohammad Nejad, Behzad Ferejollahi,
Vefa Qaderi, and Eli Azadi. All five men were members of a coordination committee to form a labor
The widespread arrests of Kurdish civil activists have been increasing in recent months. In
February, several Meriwan student activists were arrested; they were temporarily released on bail
one month later. http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5493
7. PJAK: Helebce massacre, a symbol of obliteration policy against the Kurdish nation
Today, 25 years have passed from Helebce massacre. State-nation system, which in itself is a
system of massacre and occupation, has carried denial policy against nations in the Middle East in
the last century. The core of this system is a weak mentality that is responsible for the massacres in
Dersim, Geliye Zilan, Armenians and Assyrian, and this mentality is completely identical with the
one that carried massacre in Qarne, Qelatan, Indirqash, Helebce, and Anfal, also mass murder of
three female Kurdish politicians in Paris in January 2013 and the daily killing of Kolbers (people
who carry goods across the borders on their back) confirm the same mentality in 21st century.
As the Kurdish nation, we are now in a highly critical and sensitive situation. The current stage will
either bring massacres, repressions and aforementioned mentality to an end, or the history repeats
itself as tragedy of massacre and oppression.
The southern Kurdistan can play a positive role by ending massacre, and supporting democratic
nations. Also, they should support the Kurdish freedom struggle in other parts of Kurdistan.
Helebce martyrs are parts of the price that the Kurdish nation has dedicated for its freedom and the
annihilation policy is a consequence of our nation struggle for freedom.
At the end, we as the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) honor the memory of all martyrs of
Helebce and Serdesht chemical bombardment and express our respect to them.
The Coordination of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan –16.03.2013, http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5488
8. Karayılan: Newroz to be the day of liberation against all genocides
ANF, Behdinan – In an interview to ANF, Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executve Council
President Murat Karayılan said that the Newroz of 2013 meant the beginning of a historic process,
democratic liberation and freedom of Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan).
Karayılan remarked that light must be shed on the Roboski Massacre and Paris killings,
underlining; “Just like the Turkish side, the Kurdish side also has sensitivities that need to be paid
regard to by everyone in this process”.
Referring to this year’s Newroz, Karayılan said that the people of Kurdistan should take to the
streets on Newroz day to demand freedom for Öcalan and display support for the democratic
solution process and construction of a new free life. “Displaying support for Newroz will mean
supporting the ongoing process of talks for peace”, he added.
Karayılan also condemned the 16 March Halabja Genocide which he evaluated as the practice of a
mass killing induced by the imperialism imposed on the Kurdish people. KCK Executive Council
President promised that the Kurdish movement will defend the human dignity against all genocides
to which it will reply by enhancing the human resistance.
Karayılan noted that the month of March has witnessed genocides and resistances of great
importance in the history of the Kurdish people, adding that Newroz will be the day of liberation
against all genocides. Firat News Agency (en.firatajans.com), http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5483
9. Kışanak: Öcalan to make a call on 21 March
ANF, Istanbul — Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Gültan Kışanak has spoken to
international media about the ongoing process of talks between the Turkish state and Kurdish leader
Abdullah Öcalan.
Speaking at Taksim Hill Hotel in Istanbul on Thursday, Kışanak underlined that the 200 years-old
Kurdish issue can come up with a solution through democratic ways and added; “Imralı meetings
are historic and important considering the fact that this is the first time a delegation representing the
state is having official talks with the Kurdish leader”. Kışanak said it is also important that the
current process is being conducted open to the public.
Kışanak reminded that Öcalan wanted to receive critics on the draft text he has prepared and sent to
BDP, Qendil and Europe as a proposal to ensure peace in the country. BDP co-chair noted that
Öcalan’s draft text paid regard to the sensitivities of both sides involved in talks. “We expect the
Turkish state and government to take Mr. Öcalan’s proposals seriously. In the current process on the
way to peace, we will benefit from previous similar experiences in the world”, she added.
Kışanak noted that various commissions should be established to ensure an advancement in the
negotiation process and added the followings; “A peace commission should be established to put
forward and debate suggestions at times of a deadlock in the negotiation process. Secondly, a
democratization commission should be established to enable the formation of a democratic
environment and monitoring commission should be formed to monitor the process”. Kışanak added
that the parliament should also make necessary legal arrangements to provide an official status for
the works for peace.
Referring to the Newroz celebrations to take place in Diyarbakır on 21 March, Kışanak said that;
“Should the process make a positive advancement, we expect Mr. Öcalan to make a call on 21
March. Our slogan for this year’s Newroz will be “Freedom for Öcalan, status for the Kurdish
Kışanak remarked that “Both sides have different expectations from the process, as the government
gives priority to PKK’s disarmament, while Kurds primarily demand constitutional assurance for
their rights. The process cannot make a headway by ignoring the expectations of any side”. Kışanak
pointed out that Öcalan has the authority to speak on behalf of all actors of Kurds who have already
indicated him as the main actor for a solution.
Kışanak remarked that the call Öcalan will make on Newroz day should mean more than a
Referring to the recent judicial reform package, Kışanak said that the already existing antidemocratic
laws will not allow the practice of the reform package. Firat News Agency (en.firatajans.com)
10. Educational system in Iran – Opposing use of mother tongue and trying to assimilate the language of other nations
Iranian regime has boosted attempts on preventing improvements to mother tongue learning and
tried to assimilate language of other nations in Iran by increasing teaching Persian language in preschool level.
Deputy director of elementary education in Ministry of Education mentioned that one hundred
hours teaching in Persian language for non-Persians students will be taken into account.
Deputy director of elementary education of Iran in answer to the Mehr Journalist question about the
total number of these students only said that one third of students are in rural areas while earlier the
ministry of education chief executive ‘Hemid Reza Haci Babaei’ has announced that non-Persians
students make up to 70 percent of students; he also told these students after entering the first grade
and one year studying in Persian still their mother tongue do not change to Persian. He has not
hidden the fact that Iranian regime tries to assimilate other nations language since childhood.
Due to the Article 15: “Official language in Iran is Persian and the use of regional languages in the
press and mass media, as well as teaching of their literature in schools, is allowed in addition to
Persian.” But massive wave of arrests of journalists who publish magazines and newspapers in
other languages rather Persian shows a policy against Constitutional Law of Iran.
With the approaching presidential elections in Iran and expansion of international sanctions against
Iran on one hand and rising all nations need and public demand for democracy on the other hand,
the regime sought to suppress dissenting voices and also assimilate other cultures and languages
other than Persians. http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5473
11. The massacre policy of occupiers have failed against our nation’s will in western Kurdistan
On March 12th, 2004 Syrian armed forces widely attacked tens of Kurdish citizens in Qamishlo and
had martyrized them. The history of our nation in western Kurdistan is full of resistance movement
against the massacre policy of Syrian Ba’ath regime. This resistance has roots in Kurdish people’s
beliefs and culture in this part of Kurdistan. And this culture has encouraged them to participate in
other parts of Kurdistan freedom struggle.
The culture of struggle against massacre, today in western Kurdistan causes a creation of free and
democratic status. Chauvinism mentality of occupiers do not tolerate the Kurdish struggle and
beliefs for freedom, therefore, all sides such as Syrian Ba’ath regime and some groups under the
name of Syrian Opposition and also other occupier regimes in Kurdistan constantly target our
nation and their democratic status in western Kurdistan. Kurds struggle in western Kurdistan
represent all Kurds struggle for freedom and democracy, and play significant role in fate of Kurdish
nation and future of Kurds in Middle East in 21st century.
By respecting memory of Qamishlo March 12 martyrs, we acknowledge our nation struggle in
western Kurdistan against occupiers. Therefore, we as the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)
express our full support to struggle and resistance of our nation in western Kurdistan, and also to
their democratic status that managed by the Higher Council and protected by the People Protection
Units (YPG). The Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan – PJAK 12.3.2013
PJAK Official Website (pjak.eu) http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5469
12. Wave of mass arrests in eastern Kurdistan; preventing all civil activities and the press
ANF — Recent reports confirm that the number of arrests of Kurdish civilians and
journalists by the Iranian intelligence agencies has dramatically risen. News say that in the
last 10 days tens have been arrested in this regard.
Mesoud and Xosrow Kordpour, two journalist brothers and two of Mokrian news agency directors,
are among the arrested, in Mehabad.
Intelligence agencies of the Islamic Republic arrested Xosrow Kordpour after invading his house,
cursing him and confiscate some of his personal belongings.
These two brothers were previously arrested and imprisoned for political reasons; it is believed that,
this time, they might be accused with reporting about prisoners and activities of human rights.
Qasem Ehmedi is also one of the newly arrested journalists in Mehabad. He was called to the
intelligence office on March 6th, and apprehended.
Qasem Ehmedi is a master in Political Science and has been working as director of Rojev journal.
On the other hand, in recent days a wave of arrests have been witnessed in Pawe. On March 9th, five
cultural activists from Pawe named, Qane Hatemi, Mohammed Negari, Babek Ebbasi, Mo’tasem
Shafei, and Jehanbexsh Ehmedi, were arrested by the intelligence office agents. Moreover, some of
their personal belongings such as their manuscript papers and personal computers were confiscated
for further investigation.
Also, two cultural activists named Dawoud Ghefari and Keyhan Ezizi were arrested after Pawe’s
Lead Prayer sued them for releasing notices of condolences in Kurdish.
Furthermore, some reports indicate that, in recent days, other people named Ferdin Resouli, Bextiar
Resouli, Settar Ehmedi, Moxtar Ehmedi, and Yaser Kakaei were arrested for unknown reasons.
Therefore, an estimated total of 12 people have been arrested in Pawe, in recent days.
Similarly, five other citizens named Mohemmed Sohrabi, Nasser Nematxahd, Kamran Osmani,
Shehab Ehmedi-azer, and Yousef Hajixosh have been arrestede in Neqedeh (Naghadeh).
Oshnevieh has not been an exception for the recent attacks of Islamic Republic’s security forces;
two citizens named Qader Dastan and Rehim Ftouhi have been transferred to intelligence office’s
detention centers, by the government forces.
At the same time, one day before the 8th of March, Women’s International Day, Coordination
Committee for helping stablishment of Workers Unions’ website, has reported the arrest of some of
its members.
Their names were Eli Azadi, Vefa Qaderi, Seyyed Xalid Hosseini, Behzad Ferejollahi, and Hemid
Mehmoudnejad, and they were all arrested in the early hours of the morning in their private
Some reports indicate that the wave of arrests has also swept over the religious characters and
activists and a number of Kurdistan Province citizens have been arrested for ideological charges.
Along with this mass arrest, cases of three Kurdish political prisoners, sentenced to execution, have
been transferred to the Center of Sentence Implementation of Urmia; thus, increasing worries
regarding their execution.
Ebrahim Eisapour, Sirwan Njavi, and Saman Nesim, are the names of these three death-sentenced
prisoners who were arrested in 2012 (1390) in Serdesht, Meriwan, and Kerej by the intelligence
agencies and, to admit that they were cooperating with Kurdish political parties, they were brutally
In the meantime, in a rare move, Eli Ehmed Suleyman, another Kurdish political prisoner having
completed his sentence in Urmia Prison, was sentenced to death by the Court of Enqelab.
Originally from south Kurdistan, Eli Ehmed Suleyman had been sentenced to five years in prison
for joining PJAK, and later sentenced to one year imprisonment for communicating with Ehmed
Shehid and the overseas media from inside prison. During these six years has repeatedly been
tortured and stressed by Iran revolutionary (Sepah) intelligence agencies.
Currently, there are at least 28 death-sentenced Kurdish political and ideological prisoners in
political prisons of the Islamic Republic who are threatened by the execution of their sentences.
Here are the names of these prisoners: Hebibellah Letifi, Reshid Axkendi, Mostefa Selimi, Sherko
Mearefi, Smko Xorshidi, Sirwan Njavi, Ibrahim Isapour, Saman Nesim, Rzgar Efshari, Eli Efshari,
Hebibellah Golperipour, Zanyar Moradi, Loqman Moradi, Housheng Rezaie, Reza Esmaeli, Behruz
Alxani, Bextiyar Meemari, Hamed Ehmedi, Behram Ehmedi, Kemal Molayi, Esger Rehimi,
Behnam Rehimi, Jahangir Dehqani, Mohemmed Reza Behmeni, Jemshid Dehqani, Keywan Zend
Kerimi and Hoshyar Mohemmedi. Firat News Agency (fa.firatajans.com)
Translated By: rojhelat.info, http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5465
13. PJAK condemned execution and mass arrests of Kurdish political activists in Iran
The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) condemned execution and mass arrests of Kurdish
political activists in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In recent days, Islamic Republic of Iran has intensified pressure on Kurds, especially on Kurdish
political activists. As a result of these pressures, several political activists in cities of Sine
(Sanandaj), Mehabad, Shno and Pawe in eastern Kurdistan have arrested, and detained for yet
unknown reasons.
Meanwhile, ‘Eli Ehmed Suleyman’ Kurdish political activist, sentenced to execution. Yet, he
already sentenced to five-year in prison and he had passed his custody period.
Today, Iranian regime has intensified its pressure while the liberation struggle of the Kurds has
reached its peak and finding a peaceful solution for the Kurdish issue and acknowledging the
‘Kurdish reality and rights’ imposes itself. But Iranian Regime has not been willing to take any
steps that would lead to a solution to the Kurdish issue. Instead, regime tries to repress political
atmosphere in eastern Kurdistan.
Arrests and execution sentences for Kurdish political activists, especially in the current stage of
negotiation in northern Kurdistan contains a message against Kurds in which Iranian regime insists
on destructive and militarized policies.
Without doubt Kurds would not accept behavior of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
We as the Free Life party of Kurdistan (PJAK) condemned Iranian regime’s policies. We also warn
the Islamic Republic of Iran to seriously revise its policies toward the Kurdish issue. Instead of
these policies, Iranian regime must immediately takes serious steps to the Kurdish question. Iranian
regime must know it well that with these policies Kurdish nation do not stop struggling for their
freedom and rights, and Kurds determine to achieve their goals.
We also want our nation in eastern Kurdistan to promote their struggle in all areas. It is necessary to
promote struggles, and we begin with slogan “Freedom or Freedom” in this year’s Newroz.
At the end, we invite the Kurdish nation to collectively celebrate Newroz, and commence new stage
in our struggle for freedom. The Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan – PJAK 11.03.2013
PJAK Official Website (pjak.eu) http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5458
14. The ceremony to remember Helebce casualties in Payame Noor University of Meriwan
ANF, Meriwan – Despite, the prohibitions Iranian security organisations have made in recent years
to avoid Helebce (town in southern Kurdistan) memorial ceremony; a group of students in Payame
Noor University of Meriwan were planned to hold the twenty-fifth anniversary of Helebce victims.
The ceremony was begun at 09:30 on 10/03/2013 followed by one minute’s silence to show respect
to all martyrs of Kurdistan especially the Martyrs of Helebce .
During the ceremony students read several poems and statements. Then Helebce song sung
collectively by participants.
It was told that the security officials of Payame Noor University of Meriwan, attempted to create an
atmosphere of fear to stop the ceremony of remembering the victims of Helebce, by taking
photographs and filming the event. But students had continued the ceremony based on the schedule.
Security officials phoned some students and banned them from attending the ceremony.
Firat News Agency (fa.firatajans.com), Translated By: Rojhelat.info, http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5454
15. BDP-DTK: This year’s Newroz is of historic importance
ANF, Amed — Democratic Society Congress (DTK) co-chairs Ahmet Türk and Aysel Tuğluk and
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chairs Selahattin Demirtaş and Gültan Kışanak held a press
conference at the DTK building in Diyarbakır about the Newroz celebrations to take place this year
in North Kurdistan and Turkey.
Making the first speech here, DTK co-chair Ahmet Türk said that this year’s Newroz on 21 March
will be celebrated in mass by the Kurdish people, non-governmental organizations, BDP and DTK.
Türk remarked that this year Newroz will be celebrated in 42 cities and 130 central locations.
Türk said that the Kurdish people will voice their demands for peace and freedom for Mr. Öcalan at
this year’s Newroz which -he underlined- they see as the beginning of a new period and the uprising
of the oppressed.
Referring to Newroz celebrations in Amed, Türk said that they have sent an invitation to 1950
people, parties and institutions to join the Newroz in Amed. Türk ended his speech by calling on all
Kurdish people to take to streets in Newroz areas and to join the march for freedom.
Speaking after, DTK co-chair Aysel Tuğluk said this year’s Newroz had a historic meaning for
coinciding with the process of dialogue with the Kurdish leader for a democratic and peaceful
solution to the Kurdish problem. Tuğluk remarked that this historic process will lead to the
determination of the future of Turkey and the Kurdish people. “As Kurdish democratic
establishments and components, we attach great importance to the ongoing process and we will
continue to display responsibility and contribution to make sure that this process could lead to a
solution, democracy and freedom. This Newroz is therefore of great importance”, she added.
Tuğluk stated that the Kurdish people will take to the streets on the Newroz day to demand dialogue
and negotiation for the Kurdish problem, and freedom for Öcalan and political status for Kurdistan.
We will continue to work for democracy and a democratic solution, she added.
Referring to the report recently released by the Parliamentary Uludere Sub-Commission
investigating the Roboski Massacre, Tuğluk said that they demanded the recall of the report. She
underlined that peace cannot be established unless the Turkish state faces the Roboski massacre and
other mass killings and sheds light on perpetrators, takes them to court and apologizes to the
Kurdish people for these killings.
Speaking after, BDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş pointed out that the message Öcalan is expected
to give at this year’s Newroz would determine the route of the new period.
Demirtaş noted that it is important in the current process to be able to debate all problems on a
democratic and political ground without war, bloodshed and clashes.
Speaking after, BDP co-chair Gültan Kışanak called on everyone siding with a solution and a
democratic future to take to the streets on the Newroz day to make contribution to the establishment
of peace. Firat News Agency (en.firatajans.com), http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5450
16. More than 50 civil and political activists have arrested during last two months in eastern Kurdistan
ANF, Emjed Hosein Penahi — A new wave of arrests of activists and journalists in eastern
Kurdistan shows that Iran’s Islamic Regime acts against present Constitutional Law of Iran, and put
more pressure on civil activists and journalists not to reflect Human rights violations in Kurdistan
and Iran.
Based on official statistics more than 50 civil and political activists have been arrested by Security
Forces during last two months. In recent days a new wave of arrest has been started specially in
cities such as Pawe, Mehabad and Sne (Sanandaj).
Iran’s Islamic Regime has intensified its pressure on Kurdish activists by illegal and mass arrests,
issuing death penalty and abusing families of prisoners.
In last week, 15 Kurdish citizens have been arrested and sent to Iranian intelligence agency prison.
12 in Pawe and 6 Kurds activists and journalists in Mehabad and Sne (Sanandaj) have been
arrested, there are Xosro and Masoud Kordpoor among prisoners. The new wave of arrest obviously
violates basic human rights of Kurdish citizens and activists.
On the other hand, families of prisoners do not get any information about prisoners place and the
reasons for the detention. Pressure and repression on Kurds activists in Iran’s Islamic Regime is not
new, and this policy has followed by Iranian regime during its lifelong.
Struggles against death penalty and defending political prisoners is human rights defenders and
peacemakers’ obligation. Regime with executions seeks frightening people and prolongs its
dictatorship. Therefore, it is all human right defenders and international associations ‘obligation to
prevent current violence and stop another tragedy. Firat News Agency (fa.firatajans.com)
Translated By: Rojhelat.info, http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5446
17. 12 arrested in Pawe (city in eastern Kurdistan)
ANF, Pawe – Saturday March 9, five citizens from Pawe were arrested by the Iranian Security
Forces. Detainees are ‘Qaneh Hatemi, Mohammad Negari, Babek Abasi, Motesem Shafei and Jahanbexsh Ahmedi,’ Hrana Agency reported.
It does not disclose the cause of their detention by the officials but it seems that activities in
cyberspace have led to arrest. The security forces searched and seized their computers and personal documents. Wave of arrests of youths and cultural activists in Pawe has started from last week and is still ongoing. Last week, two literary and cultural activists named ‘Dawood Ghefari’ and ‘Keyhan Azizi’ arrested because of the complaint made by Pawe’s Imam due to the publishing a condolence notice in Kurdish.
According to reports, ‘Ferdin Rasuli, Bextiyar Rasuli, Setar Ahmedi, Moxtar Ahmedi and Yaser
Kakaei” have been detained for unknown reasons by the Iranian Security Forces.
Taking into account recent arrests, 12 people have been arrested in Pawe.
Firat News Agency (fa.firatajans.com), Translated By: Rojhelat.info, http://rojhelat.info/en/?p=5442