1. School fire burnt 36 female minor students
XANE, — 36 Female children of class four in primary school were burnt when fire sparked in a school in Shinawe village in Xane (Piranshar) city and they were hospitalized consequently.
Fire sparked in a classroom when an out-of-date oil heater burst into flame leading to burning of 36 female teenagers. The children were taken to Saint Hussein hospital in Xane city.
The families of the minors have gathered in front of the hospital to protest against the ill service and the use of out-of-date heaters used in the schools.
Heath conditions of 12 of the burnt children are reported critical. The eye witnesses said after the fire doors of the classroom were shut from the teachers and the students preventing escape, adding it led to more injuries.
Resul Xezri Kurdish MP from Serdesht and Xane in the Iranian Parliament has criticized the affiliated officials urging the Minister of Education to present a response to such a failure in the educational service.

2. Rezan Cawid: PJAK is stronger than ever; well able to respond any attack by Iranian regime
QENDIL, — PJAK guerrilla forces are well prepared to respond to any attack by the Iranian regime, said Rezan Cawid a member of coordination of Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) in an interview with Hawlati newspaper on 3th December.
Hawlati newspaper published in Southern Kurdistan interviewed Rezan Cawid a member of coordination of Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) asking questions about the situation of Eastern Kurdistan.
Pointing to the military forces of PJAK in Eastern Kurdistan Cawid observed: PJAK has forces in all parts of Eastern Kurdistan. PJAK now is stronger than any time before and can respond to any attack by the Iranian regime.
Asked about the ceasefire held between Iran and PJAK, and as to whether PJAK is considering armed struggle? Cawid said:
After the Qendil war, a ceasefire was declared. Actually, the policy of PJAK is based on self-defense; until the Iranian regime does not attack PJAK and the achievements of Kurdish nation, we are bound by this ceasefire, but if they attack, undoubtedly, we would give them necessary responses.
In regard to the repercussion of changes in one part of Kurdistan to the other parts Cawid said: Undoubtedly, any change in one part affects the other parts of Kurdistan and we are ready for any changes in the region and Kurdistan.
In the end of the interview, about relation between PJAK and other political parties in Eastern Kurdistan Rezan Cawid said: we have friendly relations with most parties and continue to strengthen our relation with them in all areas.

3. A civilian Kurd killed by Iranian security forces
NEWSDESK, — A civilian Kurd was shot by the Iranian security forces on Mehabad-Xane road and killed on the spot, local sources said, adding no reason for the gunshot is given.
Ibrahim Cihanara 50 years-old from Hengabad village of Xane city was killed when the security forces fired on him on Serimeydan square.
The Iranian security forces do regularly shoot and kill Kurdish workers who trade goods in the black markets across the Kurdish cities. Dozens of workers are killed and hundreds wounded each year.
No evidence has been presented showing that Mr. Cihanara was involved in goods trading.

4. KCK: Turkish government destroys the bridges between nations
NEWSDESK, — The Executive Council of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) issued a statement regarding the continuous isolation of Ocalan, resistance of the prisoners and the policies of Turkish government.
In the statement the KCK interprets the current actions of Turkish government as an attempt to destroy the bridges between nations.
KCK notes that the resistance displayed by the Kurdish prisoners, people’s laying claims on the bodies of guerrillas and standing up for them while joining the celebrations for 34th anniversary of the PKK’s establishment all indicate the failure of Turkey’s policies.
While reminding that the 34th anniversary of the establishment of Kurdistan Workers Party (PK) was warmly celebrated in all parts of Kurdistan, KCK says, this was an honorable position displayed by people and an important massage for the world.
“Despite Turkish government’s policy of terror in Kurdistan”, KCK observed, “People celebrated the anniversary of PKK with great association. These people did not leave their children during the resistance in prisons and despite the fascism of Turkish government, people rose up in larger dimensions”.
The statement adds that the massive presence of peoples of Amed, Wan, Dilok and Persus showed that widespread arrests, political elimination orchestrated by the coalition of AKP and faction of Fathullah Gulen have not reached to their goals.
Pointing to the continuous isolation of Ocalan and the resistance displayed by the 68-days-old hunger strike in Turkish prisons KCK outlined: “The resistance in prisons has had influential effect on political atmosphere of Kurdistan and abroad. With the request of Leader Apo, hunger strike was ended and another chance for democratic solution of Kurdish problem was created, but the continuous isolation of Leader Apo ordered by prime minister Erdogan indicates that Turkey do not intend to solve the Kurdish problem peacefully.”
KCK Executive Council interprets the attacks launched on the values of Kurdish nation, as an attempt of Turkish government to destroy the current bridges while adding: “Leader Apo has made a lot of efforts in saving the bridges between nations and creating free and democratic solidarity, but the Turkish government by attacking and provoking the feelings of Kurds, and the efforts to remove the legal immunity of Kurdish MPs, are destroying the current bridges”.
In the statement, the KCK deemed AKP’s government as insincere and adds; “Turkey wants freedom and democracy for Palestinians but regarding Kurds, it is not afraid of any racial behaviors. Meanwhile, United States of America, European Union and other powerful states have chosen silence in regard to Turkey’s treatments of Kurds because of their political and financial interests”.
At the end of the statement the KCK emphasizes that it will never accept the deceitful and insincere standards of Turkey.

5. Sine: 11 members of Teachers Association Guild sentenced to prison
SINE, — The first branch of Revolutionary Court of Sine sentenced 11 members of Teachers Association Guild of Sine to prison for alleged propaganda against the state.
According to the Mukrian News Agency, Ramin Zendniya, Beha Meleki, Peyman Nowdiniyan, Eli Qoreyshi, Kemal Fekuriyan, Mostefa Serbazan, Ezzat Nosreti, Perwiz Nasehi, Muhemmed Sediq Sadeqi, Hiwa Ehmedi and Reza Vekili, members of Teachers Association Guild of Sine, each was sentenced for propaganda against Islamic Republic to 4 months suspended prison for two years by Sine Revolutionary Court.
According to this report, previously several members of Sine Teachers Association Guild with many years of experience in the schools of Sine province have been summoned to Intelligence Service.

6. Punishment on Kurdish hunger strikers in Turkish prisons
NEWSDESK, — After the ending of 68 days hunger strike in Turkish prisons, prison authorities have started to punish the Kurdish hunger strikers for participation in such a campaign.
In Izmir prison, 12 hunger strikers sentenced to 11 days in solitary confinement, 27 hunger strikers deprived of communication and meeting with relatives and friends while 38 hunger strikers have been deprived of working-out, sports and cultural activities for one month.
In addition, a case was opened for further investigation for hunger strikers in Izmir prison.
These prisoners declared in their meeting with their lawyers that they will not surrender to such pressures.
Punishment of hunger strikers is the violation of the right to protest and of the freedom of expression of the hunger strikers.

7. Letter from two Kurdish political prisoners on death row
KARAJ, Iran, — Zanyar and Luqman Muradi two Kurdish political prisoners on death row, who have been detained for the last three years in Rajaeeshahr prison in Karaj city, where they have been subjected to systematic tortures, have written a letter to the public casting light on the statement made by Meriwan Friday Prayer, in reference to their innocence.
“It has been more than three years that we are being detained,” reads the letter and continues; “Despite the calamities and the hardship we have endured so far, being detained in Rajaeeshahr prison which is far away home, has added to our sufferings and pains,”
These two Kurdish political prisoners that have been sentenced to death note in their letter that the accusation of killing and assassination imposed on our case could not be affirmed.
Although the investigators, they said in the letter, forced us under tortures to confess to the crimes we had not committed, more importantly, is the statement made by Meriwan Friday Prayer who has showed his willingness and consent for our release. But nothing has been done in this direction, they add.
Luqman and Murad said that they are at imminent risk of execution in prison and the looming possibility of execution has had a huge impact on their psychological condition.
At the end of the letter they remind that Meriwan Friday Prayer may know better than anyone that they had not been killer and will not.
What is surprising, they said, is the fact that despite the repeated consent of Friday Prayer for our release and despite his request for our freedom, no change in our condition has been made thus far.

8. Plans to block borders of Eastern Kurdistan
NEWSDESK, — In a visit to Kurdistan the assistant coordinator of Iranian Border Guard announced a plan to block the borders. While Kurdish civilians are daily killed by the Iranian armed forces, he claimed that the local people have had constructive cooperation with the border guards.
By denying the systematic killing of Kurdish civilians, the Iranian authorities are trying to hide the crimes committed by the border guards.
Saiyed Abbas Attaiy said in a press conference held on 30 November that his purpose to visit Sine province was to advance plans in guarding the borders for security reasons.
The construction of turrets, garrisons and barbwires, which are practically made for putting more pressure on the Kurdish people, as constructive plans, he said adding that, meaningful cooperation of people in border areas with the border guards has provided them with shelter and security.
Saied Abbas Attay`s intention from the shelter for the people is the areas where tens of people are annually killed just for dealing and carrying small amount of goods selling them in black market or if they get arrested they would be sentenced to long-term imprisonment or huge fines.
In contrary to what the assistant coordinator of Iranian Border Guards called constructive plans including border posts, turrets, and barbwire, are a clear threat to the people of Kurdistan, especially for the people living in border areas.
The sealing of borders would impede Kurds from having social and cultural contacts with their brethren in the other parts of Kurdistan and is a grave violation of human rights. Also, it would aggravate the living conditions of villagers in border areas.

9. Kurdish actress sentenced to 4 years
MEHABAD, — A Kurdish actress was sentenced to four years by Mehabad Revolution Court, local sources said, for acting in a drama screened by a TV station operating abroad.
Befrin Huceti Kurdish female actor from Mehabad city was sentenced to four years in a trial she did not attend, for acting in a drama that was screened in one of the TVs operating from abroad.
According to Kurdpa news outlet, Ms Huceti was also taken into custody in 2011 for her alleged affiliation with one of the Kurdish political groups. After 4 days of detention, she had been released on bail.
The same source revealed that Omid Qadiri Eqdem the director of that drama has also taken into custody of the Security Forces in Mehabad.

10. Torture and pressure on Kurdish political prisoners increase
NEWSDESK, — A number of Kurdish political prisoners in Urmiye’s prison were transferred to the custody of the Iranian Intelligence Services meanwhile legal authorities refused to respond demands made about the fates of these prisoners.
Ehmed Temuyi, Cehangir Badozade, Yusef Kaka Memi, Eli Ehmed Suleyman and Mustafa Eli Ehmed are some of these prisoners that their fates have been unknown from 45 days ago.
Despite all efforts made, the prison´s authorities and the officials of Intelligence Agency have refused to respond the families of these prisoners making inquires about their fate and this add to the concerns of their families.
Meanwhile Mukrian News Agency published a letter from two prisoners in Urmiye prison. In the letter they protested against the intolerable situation of political prisoners in this jail.
In their letter Yusef Rehmanipur and Osman Mustafapur point to the violations of law and discriminatory behaviors of the authorities.
They have also stated that the political prisoners in section 12 of Urmiye prison are suffering from injustice and intolerable situation.

11. PJAK leader commemorates Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day
NEWSDESK, — In a written message to Tamil nation and the freedom campaigners of Tamil Eelam, the Secretary General of Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) Rehman Haci Ehmedi commemorates Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day, in which the first guerrilla of LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) was killed in 27 November 1982 by Sri Lankan militaries.
The full message reads as follow:
Happy Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day to Tamil Nation
Revolutionary greetings for the heroic and steadfast nation of Tamil
Dedicating campaigners and activists of Tamil’s freedom path; our pains and sufferings, our hopes and aspirations are the same. Not we do only share them together, but with all the oppressed peoples in the world who are struggling to attain freedom. In the same manner; all the inhumane fascists and chauvinists in the world share their way of thinking, ideology and paradigm.
History of the world has been full of clashes between the occupiers and the occupied. As a result of struggles, resistances and sacrifices more of the occupied people have been liberated and the fascist and chauvinist occupiers are being destroyed successively.
In the last century more than 122 nations have been liberated and achieved their rights. Many more are leading liberation struggles and the bodies of their daughters and sons are becoming the fuelling logs of revolution blazes while their villages and cities are being destroyed; the Tamil and Kurdish nations are just samples of those peoples.
History and the philosophy of those liberated nations give us a lesson as the campaigners of liberation. The lesson is that campaign for freedom means; struggle, devastation, resoluteness and resurrection; struggle again, devastation, resoluteness and resurrection; once more struggle, devastation, resoluteness and resurrection; and ultimately triumphant and freedom will prevail.
Each damage and devastation would push us a step forward once we stand up, this is the dialectic of struggle for freedom and liberation. We have also experienced damages and devastations, but we never gave in and stood up again. Any nation who is sacred of damage and devastation will never triumph. We should learn how to stand up from the way we get damaged and are devastated, any nation who learns how to stand up, will triumph.
In the hope of revitalization of the heroic nation of Tamil Eelam, in the hope of triumphant and freedom for the resolute and revolutionary nation of Tamil Eelam; never rest unless triumphing!

12. Three female Kurdish activists arrested and disappeared
MASHHAD, Iran, — Three Kurdish female activists were arrested by Iranian Intelligence Units in the last week in Mashhad county and reportedly disappeared since then.
According to the local sources the Units of Intelligence Service arrested three Kurdish female activists in Xorasane District of Mashhad County.
Three female activists named as Mehbube Xebushani, Mina Xebushani and Behnaz Rezazade were arrested last week and reportedly disappeared for undisclosed reason.
No news about their whereabouts and the ground on which they were arrested is being said. Their families and friends raised concern over their possible demise in custody.
13. A Kurd killed under torture
MASHHAD, Iran — The units of Iranian Intelligence Service in Mashhad arrested a Kurdish youth named as Seid Xudadadi and returned his dead body to his family.
Seid Xudadadi who resided in Mashhad city in Rahnimayi Avenue, was taken to custody by the units of Intelligence Service on the charge of ridiculing Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamanayi.
After few days they notified the family of Mr Xudadadi of his death asking them to attend the Intelligence Service office to take his body back.