Donate money for a school bus for children in the ISIS-destroyed city of Kobane

In the wake of ongoing brutal attacks by ISIS, the city of Kobane in the Kurdish region of northern Syria (Rojava), has been completely devastated.  The infrastructure has been totally destroyed, and the population has paid an extremely high price.  However, the people of Kobane desperately want to stay and rebuild their city.

Children are the most vulnerable group affected – hundreds are now orphaned, having lost their parents to the fight against ISIS, and they live in desperate conditions, with many in refugee camps.  These children are denied basic humanitarian aid such as healthcare, housing, and education due to the ongoing violence.  Currently, there is only one preschool in Kobane, but many children must walk over an hour each way in order to attend.  In order to help provide education for these young orphans, Help Kobane is asking for your help.

What are we asking for?

With your contributions, we hope to raise 25.000€ in order to purchase a school bus for Kobane, which will increase the number of young children able to attend the preschool from approximately 150 to 500.

— Please donate with whichever currency you prefer – Both USD and Euro are accepted and appreciated —

Where will your money go?

Your donations will go directly to the purchase and transportation of the school bus to Kobane.  Any additional funds raised will go to our related project raising money to provide these children with aid packages of clothing, learning materials, and schoolbags.

In light of recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, Ankara, and Baghdad, it becomes even more important to remember those who suffer through this terror on a daily basis.  These children must be made a humanitarian priority.

Please consider giving just one more gift this holiday season, and help make these children’s dream of a school bus, a reality.