Thousands of people from all four sides of Turkey came to follow the case of Kurdish politicians. They are still holding a “Peace Vigil” in Diyarbakır. People often chant slogans “Freedom for Kurdish people”, “People are here” at the “Peace Vigil”, supported also by the observers coming from Europe. Opening yellow, red, green banners and PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) flags, Kurdish people danced "alay" with foreign observers and sang marches in Kurdish, English, Italian and German.

BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Siirt MP Osman Özçelik, who made a statement in Kurdish after the court refused Kurdish politicians’ request to be allowed to present their defense in Kurdish, said that the case progressed illegally. Remarking that the assimilation policies on Kurdish language were approved in the court today, Özçelik said; “We strongly condemn the court decision. No court can restrain our language. Our resistance will continue.”

Making a statement on behalf of the civil society organizations coming from Italy to follow the case, Antonio Olivieri remarked that the quietening policy on Kurdish people started after local elections, adding that a violence campaign is run against Kurdish people. Indicating that Europe is keeping silent against the political judgment of Turkish government on Kurdish civil society organizations and their representatives, Olivieri recorded that they will tell European countries of what the resisting Kurdish people are living. Olivieri remarked that they, as Italian committee, conveyed their opinions about the court and demanded their document to be included in the court file. Saying that the solidarity example of Kurdish people in itself is unique in the world, Olivieri remarked that they will take a piece of the honorable resistance and dust to their country with themselves. Saying "Êdî bes e" and "Ya basta" to the 30 year war in the region, Olivieri added that they want peace for Turkey, world and everyone.

The court’s refusal to self-defense demand of Kurdish politicians in Kurdish got one more reaction from France delegation. Making a statement in the cessation, France delegation made a statement to the press. Reader Jaöl Dutto spoke as follows; “It is a gross injustice that kurdish politicians are still under arrest.” Remarking that they condemn the dependency and the illegal decision of the court, Dutto recorded that this decision will affect the rest of the case negatively. Dutto stated that they will keep supporting the Kurdish politicians and mayors under an unfair judgment for their emancipation and for the observance of Kurdish people’s demands.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil