Radio Farda quoted official news agencies of the Iranian government as saying that the six men were accused of Fighting God and Corrupting the Earth, a term used by the courts to describe the activities of those who are fighting against the Iranian government.  Fighting against the government has been equaled to fighting against God by the Islamic regime.  None of the official news agencies that reported these incidents revealed the names of the victims.  The Iranian government usually refuses to give the full details of the identities of its victims in order to confuse the public. (1)
Four of the victims were hanged in the early morning today in Zahedan, capital of Baluchistan.  The other two were hanged few days earlier.  Other Iranian news agencies reported that seven Baluch have been shot dead in two separate incidents.  The sources referred to the victims as insurgents but did not reveal their identities as usual.(2)  Few days earlier a spokesman of security forces announced that 28 members of Jondollah, People’s Resistance Movement of Iran have been condemned to death.  Jondollah rejected the claim and asserted that none of its members have been arrested and those who have been condemned to death are ordinary members of the public.
People’s Resistance Movement of Iran issued a statement yesterday in which it claimed that they have been caught up in a trap by the Islamic Republic security forces on 7 March but have been able to break the siege.  It claimed 15 members of the security forces were killed in the clashes and one of their own members was also killed and four of them were slightly injured.  It is believed that Abdul Malik Rigi the leader of the group was leading this operation.  The statement said that 7 helicopters, two fighting jets and hundreds of security forces were engaged in this operation.
Abdul Malik Rigi is the No 1 enemy of the Iranian regime.  The Islamic government has sent at least five hit squads to assassinate Abdul Malik in the last five months.  All of these hit men have been arrested by this group.  One of the assassination squad claimed that they have been paid more than five million dollars to eliminate Abdul Malik.
Jondollah neutralised four military operations in the last two months against their own members.  They used for the first time two roadside bombs to eliminate two groups of military cars that were supplying logistic to attack them.  In another suicide bombing, the younger brother of Abdul Malik Rigi, Abdul Ghafour Rigi was able to drive a car equipped with 2000 kilos of C4 explosives and exploded himself  in the main garrison of Sarawan  which is located in the middle of the city.  Eight hundred members of security forces and several top clergy of the city used to participate in these ceremonies in which the security forces were brainwashed against the Sunni people of Baluchistan.  According to one report the majority of the people who were present were killed. This was the first suicide bomb operation in Balochistan.
There is a low level insurgency in Iranian Baluchistan.  The Baluch resistance claimed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been employing a policy of deliberate impoverishing of the Baluch people, deliberately keeping them out of jobs and universities.
According to the official figures of the Islamic Republic of Iran 76 percent of Baluch people live under poverty line.  The Baluch people are Sunnis and are campaigning against discrimination and corruption.  They are seeking a democratic system in which all Iranian people enjoy equal rights.