Upon the evaluation of Turkish Ministry of Interior Affairs’ appeal to the State Council for the dismissal of Mayor Abdullah Demirbaş and the dissolution of the Sur Municipal Council due to the Municipal Council’s decision on provision of multilingual municipal services for the local public, Council of State reached a decision accepting multilingual services of Sur Municipality against the constitution. The decision of 8th. division of Council of State, to dismiss Abdullah Demirbas from office and dissolve the Municipal Assembly, was taken unanimously.

In Council of State’s decision it is suggested that “the decision of multilingual municipality” can not be regarded as a use of right according to the Constitution, laws and European Charter of Local Self-Government.

It is remarked that the multilingual municipal services approach which stated in the decision of Municipal Assembly is not compatible with the constitutional and legal rules. Council of State reached the conclusion that the Municipal Assembly’s decision is against the aims and previsions of basic rights and freedoms determined and guaranteed under the constitution and international agreements and exceeds the use of these rights.