The launching of this historical period represented a brilliant opportunity to enable resistance based upon democratic values, Kurdish identity and the preparation, organisation and implementation of People’s Protection Units, YPG, as an immediate necessity to protect citizen’s lives, their land and to develop the values of this new society.

Our people responded to this revolutionary renaissance in West Kurdistan in full awareness of our historical experiences and the urgent need to protect the people without distinction of ethnic, religious, sectarian or ideological differences.

The People’s Defense Units were born to be a bridge of our people in their honorable journey towards achieving freedom, which is now no longer just an aspiration but within their grasp. Living through the most critical and sensitive periods of our history in Syria or Western Kurdistan our Defence Forces have been welcomed by ululating crowds of our people with joy and happiness as our liberators protectors of our values, principles and existence.

Repeatedly, the People’s Protection Units have adhered to it’s basic principles and national duties of protecting our people with all its components in western Kurdistan and Syria on the basis of the principles of legitimate self defense and to face, heroically, all attacks that have targeted our land and people from whatever source the threat has arisen.

YPG is constantly reaffirming it’s commitment to the practical and difficult tasks it has faced throughout it’s short heroic history. A commitment made all the more heroic by the fact that from all sides we have faced attacks and genocidal approaches from the regime of Assad and dark forces including free Syrian army FSA and others that at times operate overtly against us and at other times operate covertly against us in an attempt to annihilate us.

YPG is now a national organization as confirmed officially at the conference of the People’s Protections Units, committed to the legitimate aspirations and defence of our people and pledging allegiance to the decisions and orders of the Supreme Kurdish Council, who, in the eyes of over one million people who have taken part the people’s uprising under their banner, consider to be their legitimate political representatives.

YPG has faced some serious challenges and accusations during unfair, harsh and organised attacks from various media outlets of the International, regional and Kurdish press. These attacks began to question YPG’s independence and commitments to it’s principles through the distortion and creation of events and ‘facts’ that had no relation to the actual reality on the ground.

At first these attacks could not be understood but with time it became crystal clear they were part of an organized attempt designed to attempt to divide our units from the people.

Various accusations were flown accusing YPG of not being independent nor free of political party influence and accusing them of doing things they had not done or that they only protected Kurds. All of which were false and aimed solely at attempting to defeat our revolution by our enemies and to divide our armed forces from the people.

The relationship and trust of the people and their people’s defence units came through this difficult period but we must still be wary and mindful that such attempts may still be made and must be aware of these attacks, challenge them and put them into the dustbin of history with all the other conspiracies.

We condemn all such dishonorable and hostile attempts to divide us that serve only the enemies of our people and nation and warn those who continue on this path to desist as it is the path that leads to treason.

We call on our people to stand steadfastly against such treasonable actions and together we will repel such acts.

We stand, side by side with the people, as one and act as a guarantor of the people’s existence and freedom. YPG will respond decisively to all such attempts by our enemies and their agents to divide us. We have proved that by standing together in the highest alert, aware of the threats we face, we can be victorious.

We, the People’s Protection Units YPG, will continue our revolutionary war to defend and protect our people from all threats with our independent national will and orders of the Kurdish Supreme Council, the legitimate representation of the people, separate from partisan loyalties and parties.

We have the strength and capabilities to defeat all external and internal threats and enemy attacks, as we are the sons and daughters of a people thirsty for freedom and ready to sacrifice whatever is needed to achieve it.

Eternal glory to our honorable martyrs of our homeland and quest for freedom.

Shame for those who conspire and plot against us.

Long live the People’s Protection Forces who independently, continue to protect the people and nation.

                                     The General Command of the People’s Protection Units YPG.