Kobani will remain a symbol for the defence of human values

Kobani, the small city on the Syria-Turkey border, forms a part of the civilisation of Mesopotamia and is inspired by the long-standing human values that came into existence in Mesopotamia.
During the Syrian people’s revolution, Kobani was the first area in the West of Kurdistan (Rojava) that was liberated from control of the Baath regime. Practically, that was the first step toward establishing the democratic system in Rojava. This system has the potential to offer a model for a future democratic, pluralistic and decentralised Syria. Kobani became a safe haven for Syrian IDPs who fled their homes during the bloody civilian war. As a result, Kobani has become a target of the enemies of democracy, freedom and the values of humanity.
Since mid-2013, Kobani has been facing a brutal blockade and aggression. These difficult conditions worsened from September 15th when Islamic State terrorists have been attempting to commit massacres against civilians. To prevent this murderous onslaught, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and residents of Kobani have engaged in a legitimate act of self-defence against the barbaric forces of IS.
Islamic State (IS) terrorists are enemies of humanity and its cherished values of democracy, peace, pluralism and solidarity. The IS represents a culture of death and destruction and engages in heinous crimes such as the beheading of civilians. They have beheaded American, British and Russian citizens as well as thousands of defenceless Yezidis, Christians, Kurds, Turkmen and Arabs. The Islamic State has committed acts of genocide in Deir al-Zoor , Mosul , Sinjar , Telaafar and recently in Kobani. No one can predict who their next group of victims will be. The group openly boasts about liberating Europe and the whole world.
We believe this murderous group must be stopped by whatever means possible and those who support and finance them should be held accountable. By defending Kobani, the forces there are defending the human values that bind us all together.
Kobani will continue its resistance and it calls upon all those who believe in our shared human values to offer their assistance. The self-defence fighters in Kobani are fulfilling a historic role by fighting against the forces of darkness and they need the support of the civilised world in this endeavour. It is clear that the fall of Kobani would mark a great blow to our common human values and the cause of peace, democracy and progress all over the world. We are certain that through the support of democratic forces our victory can be achieved. All jihadist organisations and their sources of funding and support must be targeted as a key step toward eliminating them, in particular IS.
We, in Kobani, thank you for your support as we struggle for the survival of our democratic experiment. With the help of those who believe in democracy, peace and brotherhood of nations, we will be victorious.
The Administration of Kobani Canton -1/11/2014