1. This Conference welcomes the democratic efforts and progress made by the Kurdish people
and their neighbouring communities in the areas of Rojava, the Kurdish regions of northern

The Conference asks the Belgian authorities to accept the Kurdish Supreme Council as an
interlocutor and to engage in a dialogue with the Kurdish Supreme Council on their efforts to
create the basis for a new and democratic Syria, where all different communities will have
their rights secured.
2. This Conference asks the international community to recognize the Kurdish Supreme Council
as the diplomatic representative of the Kurdish community in Syria.

Based on the conviction that only political negotiations, not a military victory, will establish a
lasting solution to the Syrian war, this Conference ask the international community to invite
the Kurdish Supreme Council to the Geneva II peace negotiations.
3. This Conference asks the Belgian authorities, both regional and national, to exercise political
pressure on those neighbouring countries of Syria who refuse to open their borders for
emergency relief and medical aid. The Kurdish regions are cut off from the rest of the world
and as the cold of winter is coming, the people are in urgent need of food and medical
assistance.  Keeping the borders closed to humanitarian aid is inhumane!

If there is anything the Belgian politicians can do to assist the suffering Kurdish communities
in Syria, it is – at the very least – trying to ensure that the neighbouring countries no longer
keep their borders closed for humanitarian aid.
If there is anything the Belgian people can do, it’s financially supporting the Kurdish Red
Crescent Heyva Sor, which is trying to organise humanitarian relief in Rojava. They are in
need of our support!
4. This Conference condemns the attacks on Rojava, by both the regime-forces of president
Assad and Jihadist militia, linked to Al-Qaeda, like Jabhat Al-Nusra and the Islamic State of
Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS). This Conference most strongly condemns the many acts of gross
human rights violations committed by these militia and the huge amount of refugees and
internally displaced persons caused by these atrocities.

This conference calls out to the political community to stop supporting such cruel,
undemocratic and terrorist militia, be it financially, military, logistically, politically or
otherwise and to put political pressure on those states who keep doing so.
5. This Conference acts on the conviction that it is up to the Syrian people to decide on the
future of their country and that the fate of Syria shouldn’t be decided by all the different
international actors who are meddling in the Syrian civil war in pursuit of their own interests.

What the international community can and, from a humanitarian point of view, should do is
Providing aid to the numerous victims of the gruesome violence of the war.

And what the international community can and, from a humanitarian point of view, should
do is support democratic and peaceful initiatives that arise from the Syrian people.