Turkish fighter-jets are bombing villages in Shehba and Efrin-Rojava-Kurdistan

In an active pursuit to prevent the development of the resistance situation against terrorism and extremist groups, the Turkish air forces bombed the villages of Um Al Housh and Um Al Qura hours after their liberation from Daesh.

In addition, Turkish artillery have shelled villages in the Shehba and Efrin areas. As a result of this bombardment, four civilians have been killed and tens of people heavily injured, a further ten freedom fighters were killed. The bombardment is still ongoing.

This bombardment comes in an extermination campaign exercised by the Turkish state against the Syrian people. It is also a direct support for Daesh mercenaries after receiving a fatal blow from the revolutionary forces there.

These immoral practices by the Turkish state are incompatible with all international covenants and conventions and are directed against our people and the people of Syria.

The international community and the authorities concerned with fighting terrorism must intervene to prevent the Turkish intervention. Ignoring or turning a blind eye, by those who are concerned with the Syrian case, led to the expansion of Turkey’s role in Jarablus and ultimately using their air force to bomb the surrounding areas.

These practices are conclusive evidence that the Turkish state does not differ from the Syrian regime in bombing and exterminating the Syrian people. This is the best proof that those parties endeavour to prevent any solution to the Syrian reality, by allowing extremist forces to regroup their forces in areas where they were previously defeated.

We strongly condemn the Turkish state’s invasion in the Shehba and Efrin regions and their vile attacks. Erdoğan and his policies have been defeated in Mosul and Iraq. This is why he wants to invade Syrian territory to win back what he lost in Iraq. Turkey wants to take back the “Misak-ı Milli“ territories it lost after World War II. Turkey’s goal with these attacks isn’t just to invade Northern Syria, but to invade Syria as a whole. Thus, all international powers should take a stance against the Turkish state’s invasion towards Northern-Syria.

We call upon our people everywhere to express their views and condemn these violations, crimes and the blatant infringement on the sovereignty of Rojava and Syria.

Kurdistan National Congress, 20 October 2016