The Swedish newspaper Express referred to PJAK as a “terrorist” organisation and Evin Cetin was suspended from her organisation, Swedish Social Democrat Party.
Both Express representation of PJAK and suspension of Evin Cetin from party rank were met with protests by both Kurdish and Swedish circles. Among them was Jabar Amin a Swedish MP.
In an article published in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, MP Amin announced plan to visit PJAK camps. “For the reason that dancing of Social Democrat members with the [Kurdish] guerrillas is not erroneous, I have also planned to pay visit to the Kurdistan Mountains,” he said.
To show his support of the Kurdish cause, Mr Amin paid a visit to Kurdistan Mountains where he met PJAK leadership and danced with the Kurdish guerrillas in a similar way Evin Cetin did.
“In the footage sent to Newroz TV station, the Swedish MP from Green Party Jabar Amin is seen among the coordination of PJAK,” reported Newroz TV.
“To condemn such an illegitimate stance toward PJAK and other Kurdish organisations,” said Jabar Amin, “I am visiting PJAK headquarter.”
The Swedish MP also pointed that instead of blackening the Kurdish legitimate cause, the European powers should help find a peaceful and democratic solution to it.