On Thursday, 27th of February 2014, Islamists who belong to the group “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)”, and were supported by other Syrian jihadist groups, destroyed the resting place of the Kurdish muslim al Khaznawi-Order in the town of Til Maruf which is located in the northeast of Syria. Dozens of Kurdish civilians, mostly children, women and elders were killed, wounded or kidnapped. It is said, that in the meantime, Kurdish militias have expelled the Islamists out of Til Maruf.
The liberal Kurdish al Khaznawi-Order is one of the oldest orders in Kurdistan and well known for its’ tolerant attitude towards Christians, Jews and Yezidi. Sheikh Muhammad Maashuq al Khaznaw, an important representative of the Khaznawi-Order, is buried in Til Maruf. The regime of Bashar al-Assad led the Kurds murder him in 2007. Back then, the Assad Regime, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arabic nationalists were yet working closely together.
In a telephone conversation with Dr. Kamal Sido, Middle East consultant of the Society for Threatened People, Sheikh Murshid al Khaznawi, a deputy of the order who is living in Norwegian exile, appeals to the governments of Europe, to make the support of the Syrian opposition depend on a compliance with the rights of minorities. “We are devout Muslims but we strictly refuse the rule of the Islamists. We fight for a multicultural Syria in which equality and complete freedom of belief is guaranteed,” the Kurdish dignitary said.  
Albeit, armed Islamic groups are fighting each other for supremacy in Syria, in their offensive attitude towards non-Sunni and non-Arabic ethnic groups they occur uniformly. Thus, those groups (ISIS, Nusra, Ahrar al Sham…) attack Kurdish, Assyrian Aramaic, Armenian, Druze, Alawite… housing complexes in Syria repeatedly.
Supported by the Turkish government Syrian Islamistic groups obstruct the access roads which are going to the regions around Afrin, Kobani, (in the government of Aleppo) but also in the regions in the northeast of the country, where Til Maruf is laying and which are mainly inhabited by Kurds, for about a year.  
Even though, the Kurds are Muslims by majority they are abhorred by the Islamist because they are not willing to support the fight for the erection of an Islamic State in Syria. Besides, with the backing of the Turkish government, the Islamists and Arabic Nationalists fight against the emerge of a self-administration in Northern Syria.
Get involved, get enabled! Demand an end of the German weapons deliveries to Turkey and Saudi-Arabia!

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