It has been eight days since the Syrian security services kidnapped Mr. Mashaal Nehayet al-Tamo. It took place on 15 August 2008, when he struck Qobani city of about 2 .. 30am, in his car to go to Latakia city to meet with a professor Aref Dalilah who recently was released from state prison
Mashaal al-Tammo was born in 1957 in the village Janaza, Derbasea city. He is a farmer and father of six children. He lives in the city of Qamishlo.

Mashaal al-Tammo is one of the Kurdish opposition leaders against the Syrian regime, and is head and spokesman for the Kurdish Future Current Movement in Syria. He is a representative of his party in the Kurdish Coordinating Committee, together with two other parties, Yekiti and Azaadi parties, and he has a representative on the revitalization Civil Society Committees.

The Yekiti Kurdish Party in Syria and abroad Yekiti organizations condemned these arbitrary acts. They believe that Syrian authorities responsible for the operation, from the process of kidnapping of violent illegal detention and denial of basic human rights to Mr. Mashaal:

"We also remind you of the arrest policies, and how it was used against the party Mohamed Moussa, the secretary of the Kurdish Left Party and call for their immediate release, and for a full release of all prisoners and detainees of opinion and conscience.

These indicators and evidence shows us that the Syrian regime has been withheld they find solutions for Kurds in Syria, people living on their own land and in their own territory of Kurdistan, which appears in the story. This type of action falls within the framework of organized crime operations as kidnapping, murder and torture in prisons that are designed to liquidate the Kurds, as they did with the martyr Sheikh Mohammed Masuq al-Kaznawi.

We are responsible for our people to appeal to the UN, human rights and humanitarian groups, including the democratic Western governments to put pressure on the Syrian government to stop such measures and procedures to make it more complicated, and to halt the persecution of Kurds by denying them of their human rights and the right to self-determination ".

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