The Democratic Solution Tents, erected with the support of a broad platform on 18th March, have been under constant assault by the state forces. The latest actions against the tents have taken place last night. At around 2am yesterday evening, police and special forces orchestrated simultaneous operations against the Democratic Solution Tents in 23 centres, knocking down the tents, confiscating the equipment and detaining many people.
The people, who opposed these assaults, spent the night engaged in demonstrations and sit-down actions. Shopkeepers took their shutters down in the morning in order to protest at the Turkish state’s actions.
In addition, the police raided many houses in Hakkari yesterday and detained 35 people as part of the "KCK Case" including the deputy mayor Nurullah Ciftci, BDP Provincial Deputy Orhan Koparan, and the Chairwoman of the Provincial General Council Ferzinde Yilmaz.
The legitimacy of the general elections that will take place on 12th June is starting to be questioned following the YSK’s (New Election Commission) decision to veto the independent candidates. Although the YSK had to revoke its decision as a result of the protests it provoked around the country, the relentless prosecution and security assaults on the Kurds have already cast a shadow over the forthcoming elections. The AKP government and Turkish state are unsparing in the methods of persecution meted out against the Kurds in order to block their way to the legal political terrain. Following its failure in the face of the democratic protests of the Kurdish people, AKP government is wreaking terror over the Kurds in retaliation by intensifying its policy of violence.
We condemn the reckless assaults of the AKP government and we call on them not to drag the country into any more disasters. Opening the way to democratic political solution, through understanding the pain caused by the policies of violence pursued over the last 30 years or more, is just as essential for the future of democracy in Turkey as it is for a solution to the Kurdish question.
We call upon the European countries and public opinion, which does not stay silent and offers support to the popular uprisings in the Arab world, to pay equal attention to the persecution of Kurds and the massive democratic demonstrations organised by the Kurds and demonstrate their solidarity with them.
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