That is the only conclusion I could muster after reading the book "Yekta Uzunoglu: Testimony". Uzunoglu, a medical doctor, describes in it his thirteen years long struggle with the Czech courts, politicians, investigators, and the police. He suffered almost three years imprisonment with murderers, torture and enduring attempts on his life from more than just the prison’s doctor.
This did not happen during the communist era, it happened during 1994 – 2007. The book charters the chain of events leading to the imprisonment of the successful businessman and sponsor, proud and honest man Yekta Uzunoglu. His case is not a result of failing individuals, whereas it is a scandalous and deliberate destruction directed by then directors of state owned firms and their friends amongst attorneys, prosecutors, police, investigators and judges.
Possibly the most terrifying of all is the absence of concern on the part of the politicians. Shocked by being tortured in detention, by breaches of  law and by attempts on his life, Yekta Uzunoglu started writing letters: to the minister of home affairs Ruml, to the president Vaclav Havel, to the premier Vaclav Klaus, to many others and to the MPs. He estimates  writing some 10 000 letters: "For example, each of the two hundred MPs got from me a letter every week. Only few reacted." With the exception of toothless appellation by four MPs, nobody even attempted to learn more and find how to prevent injustice.
At last, after the unbelievable thirteen years the court ruled that Yekta Uzunoglu has no case to answer and is innocent.
Now, he intends to take the Czech institutions to court for the injustice and suffering and losses he had to endure.
I wish him good luck, if not at the Czech courts, then at the EU courts.
And as Frantisek Janouch put it in his introduction to Testimony:
"At the next elections – one of the most important questions put to the candidates ought to be:
Have you read this book? What are you going to do to eradicate in depth the lawlessness, brutality and cynicism from our police, judges, judicial system, detentions and prisons as soon as possible? What are you going to do to prevent them re-appearing?