"If individual is the intersection of history and society, his correct expression and defense of the individual will be the independent rise of history and the society" I-INTRODUCTION In the indictment issued by the Chief Public Prosecutor‟s Office of Diyarbakır, works that we had been carrying out through the political parties, municipalities, provincial councils and non-governmental organizations were reflected as illegal and were defined as the activities of KCK/TM. Institutions and organizations that were established according to law were shown as "an illegal organization, leaders and administrators of these were presented as "members of an illegal organization" and "leaders of an illegal organization". Starting from the date of April, 14th 2009, in the operations performed within this scope, DTP Vice Presidents, DTP Party Assembly Members, Mayors from DTP, DTP Provincial Councils‟ Presidents, DTP Municipal Council Members, DTP Local Government Commission members, DTP Women-Youth Council Members, Co-leaders and members of Democratic Society Congress, written and visual media representatives, President, administrator and members of Human Rights Association, lawyers, unionists, academicians and hundreds of people working for non-governmental organizations were taken under custody, 106 of them were arrested for lame excuses and actions were brought against 152 of them. 2

Our people and democratic public has named this process, which was started on 14th of April and continued under the title "KCK operations", as "political coup" and "political genocide", and resisted against it with a great reaction. Such a description is justified by the custody of more than 5 thousand people and arrest of nearly 1.700 of them within the last one and a half year. Just after the Local Elections held on March 29th, a new era has started for Kurdish in Turkey. This process is the start of the coup against the democratic Kurdish politics. Together with this coup, military operations have been intensified. DTP was closed and political bans were imposed on a significant number of people. Kurdish children were arrested and punished unconscientiously. Women were abused and raped. Lynch attempts and repressions on Kurdish people in many places, inhuman treatments against funerals of guerillas died in conflicts, repressions and abuses of rights in prisons, and many similar treatments resemble the 12 September coup d‟état. Fascism of September 12th and special war mentality and policy of Çiller-Ağar-Güreş adopted in 1990’s, are put into action after being modified in AKP style. Attacking against the demands of Kurdish people for language, culture, identity, etc. by all kinds of special war methods, trying to suppress these demands with a great anger is a will to finalize the process which was failed to be completed by September 12th. The coup d‟état occurred in September 12th aimed at assimilation of Kurdish. The coup d‟état of April 14th intended to dissolve Kurdish by leaving them without organization and free will. These two coups d‟état are sequential in terms of mentality, perspective and purpose. This proceeding and adjudication are cyclical result of a plan which has specific strategic purposes. It is not juridical but political. It is a political conspiracy. Over us, it is intended to judge a community‟s struggle for freedom and equality, democratic politics and all gains generated on this basis. This reality makes our political approach to the case a necessity. The core of our defense is to reveal this conspiracy, to uncover the political character of the law case which is based on a denial and dissolution practice, and to define our social, political identities and policies.

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