A successful seminar on this topic was held late last year by the "Forum for Living History"
in Sweden in cooperation with the Kurdish Gulan association in Sweden. The seminar also includes a screening
of the movie "All my mothers" which depicts the genocide and is considered to be extremely
strong. The seminar should also be seen as a continuation of the celebration of the UN
Genocide Convention that was adopted 60 years ago last December.
12.15 Registration opens at the European Parliament.
13.00 Introduction, (5 min), Olle Schmidt, MEP from the Swedish Liberal Party and Alliance of Liberal and Democrats in Europe (ALDE).
    (5 min) Salaheddin Saleh, The Kurdish Gulan association, (Sweden)
(10 min) Burhan Jaf, Head of Mission for the Kurdistan Region to the EU (Brussels)
(20 min) Presentation by Marie Tuma, judge of international mattersat the supreme court in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Mrs Tuma specializes in war-crimes and worked five years as a prosecutor at the Haag Tribunal. Her first case was the prosecution of the former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.
(20 min) Presentation by Dr. Bakhatyar Aljaf. International Director at the Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies
(20 min) Presentation by Dr . Munther Al Fadhal, PhD of Civil Law, Expert of Human Rights (Sweden). Title of speech : The Crimes of Genocide against Kurds.
(20 min) Presentation by Chnar Abdullah, Minister of Anfal and Martyars (Kurdistan-Iraq)
(20 min)presentation by Dr Mohammed Ihsan, Minister of extra Regional Affairs (Kurdistan Regional Government)
Panel discussion: Moderated by Mr. Fredrik Malm, Member of Swedish Parliament, The Liberal Party. Dr. Bakhatyar Aljaf, Dr. Munther Al Fadhal, Dr. Mohammed Ihsan, Olle Schmidt and Chnar Abdullah
17.00 Screening of "All my Mothers"
18.00-19.00 Cocktails and snacks in Members Salon, European Parliament.
Salaheddin Saleh, Genocide activist / Kurdish association Gulan – Sweden
+46(0)73 – 573 5073 [email protected]
Kurdistan Region, European Union Mission
rue de la loi 221, B-1040 Brussels, tel: 02 513 72 28, fax: 02 513 36 79, email: [email protected]
Contact Person: Helga Pavlovszky, e-mail: [email protected], Press Contact
Rikard Westerberg, head of office in Brussels for the Swedish Liberals (Folkpartiet)
+32(0)47 67 67 543 [email protected]

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