London, 26.11.2008–The Islamic Republic of Iran systematically is generating far-reaching hatred against Sunnis in a way that has no precedence in history.  While the Safavid Kings used their swords for the massacre of thousands of Sunnis, the Iranian Shia regime is using a new strategy for generating a wide and deep resentment in the unconscious mind of the general public, especially the young generations who have been born after the revolution.  This strategy is about presenting Islam in a way that only legitimizes the Shias and illegitimize the Sunni Moslems and portrays them as the infidels who have been destroying Islamic principles even when the prophet was alive.
The Islamic regime is presenting a new distorted and invented version of Islam which has no any similarities with the Islam which has been practiced by millions of people and retained in thousands of books.  The public has no access to the historical sources of Islam. They are bombarded daily with such propaganda. Even the historical sources of Islam have been completely distorted by the Islamic regime to represent their version of Islam as the original Islam. 
A friend of mine who lives in Tehran told me a real story of his own which clearly indicates how deeply the public as well as  highly educated people, have been brainwashed by the Iranian Shia clerics.  He said that when he approached one of his old friends to help him in resolving the problem, the friend accepted because they were old school friends but he mentioned that, "I will do this for you.  But I am not sure if God will forgive me for such a sin.  You as a Sunni are an infidel and God will not forgive me if I help you."
This friend is a highly educated person.  He has a PH D degree in science from the United States of America but has been so much under the influence of the Iranian regime that he has accepted the clerics’ suggestion that the Sunnis are infidels and helping them is a scene that God will not forgive.  Such statements have not been seen in any credible historical document.  Today they have turned this idea in to a mass belief for the Iranian general public and Shias throughout the world.
The Islamic Republic is encouraging its security forces and its followers to promote Shiism as the original Islam and Sunnism as the enemy of Islam.  There are thousands of the Internet sites and blogs which promote these ideas.  These blogs are created by thousands of young and old supporters of the regime.  Let’s look at one of them as an example,  The first page opens with the picture of a group of people who intend to burn the entrance of an old house.  This is supposed to be the house of Fatema, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed which the blog claims that has been burnt by the Sunnis.  As you further scroll down, the writer states that Omar, the second Caliph, attacked Fatema and she died because of the injuries caused by the attack.
The writer knows quite well that the Moslems have a lot of love for Prophet Mohammed and his descendants.  He utilizes that love to infer that the daughter of prophet was killed by Omer that symbolizes the Sunnis. This is not a historical fact.
There is an article under this picture about Dr Esaam al Emad, a person who claims to have been a Wahhabi before but he has converted to real Islam which is Shiism. Dr Emad claims that Wahhabism has been founded to ensure that the interests of the West in the Islamic world are protected.  It claims that Wahhabism which is presented by the royal family of Saudi Arabia cannot be called an Islamic sect and therefore, it must be jointly announced by Shia and Sunni leaders as an infidel group.
In the said article, he covers another subject to clearly incite the Shias against Sunnis and prove the legitimacy of the Shiism and the illegitimacy of Sunnism. He lists the 12 Imams of the Shia who are the descendants of prophet of Mohammed.  This is how he describes the death of each of the Imams.
"1. Everybody knows that Ibn Moljam, the murderer of Ali, first Imam and fourth Caliph was not a Christian or a Jew.  If he was a Shia he would not do this and therefore he must be a Sunni. ( Ibn Moljam was an Iranian noble man who was captured by Arabs and forced to convert to Islam.)
2.  Everybody knows that Imam Hassan, the second Imam, was poisoned by his wife Jaada.  She was not a Christian or a Jew.  She was a Moslem but if she was a Shia she would not poison her husband and therefore she must be a Sunni.
3.  Everybody knows that Imam Hussain, the third Imam and his friends were killed by Yazid, The Omavi Caliph of Islam.  Everybody knows that Yazid was neither a Christian nor a Jew.  He was a Moslem.  If he was a Shia he would not do that and therefore he must be a Sunni."
This is how the death of the rest of Imams has been described. This is how he cleverly brings the element of religion in the death of Shia Imams.  All historical documents prove that the Shia Imams were killed for political reasons or by their own wives.  Political rivalry between different Arab families for political power began from the first day of the death of prophet.  Why the Shia Imams were poisoned by their own wives is a matter that must be further investigated.  Was it the result of their unreasonable behaviours of marrying many wives or conspiracy?
There are thousands of blogs like that have begun a mass effort for generating long-lasting hatred against the Sunnis.  When I checked such blogs few years ago, there were a dozens of them.  Though there are hundreds of them now.  This is an official policy of the regime to distort the history and plant in the mind of simple people the seeds of sectarian strife that are emerging in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and other parts of the world.  It is this version of Shiism which is developed and promoted in different countries.  The absolute majority of the Sunnis are not aware of such rising hate trend in Shia community.
The Islamic Republic has planted the seeds of a war between Shia and Sunnis which will have thousands of victims.  It is time for the international community, the religious, political, intellectual leaders of the Islamic world to prevent the promotion of such destructive ideas which are increasingly growing in the minds of the Shia public.
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Reza Hossein Borr is an NLP Master Trainer and a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs and 14 Change management models. He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the Islamic World. He can be contacted by email: [email protected]