March 25 2016

We strongly condemn the terrorist bombings of Brussels, the heart of the European Union. This bombing is an extension of a series of terrorist attacks from Beirut to Reyhanli, from Suruç to Paris, from Baghdad to Kobanê, from Tunisia to Istanbul, and from Ankara to Brussels, which have claimed the lives of thousands of innocent civilians.

We express our solidarity with the government and people of Belgium in the face of terrorism, and we call on the EU to tighten its security measures to strike at terrorism, and we also call upon the international coalition to stand strongly against all those attacks, including state terrorism practiced at this moment by Turkey against innocent civilians in the Kurdish cities.

We, once again, express our heartfelt condolence to the families of innocent people who were killed by the Brussels attacks and we express our solidarity with them and with the wounded.
In solidarity,

On behalf of the all listed Kurdish and Assyrians organisations and religious groups (Ezidi, Yarsan, Christians)

Assemble of Şengalê in Foreign Country
Association of Democratic Yarsan
Association of Islam in Kurdistan
Assyrians Party in Rojava
Ayindeyî Party of Kurdistan
Communist Party of Kurdistan
Dîwexanî Kurds in Europa

HDP Europe
HSDK (Socialist Democrats Party of Kurdistan)
KCD-E (Democratic Society Congress of Kurds in Europe)
Kurdish Centre of PEN International

Kurdish Institute Brussels

Kurdistan Êzidi Federation
Kurdistan National Congress – KNK
P.Ç.D.K-S (Party of Democrat Left Kurds – Syria)
P.D.K.S (Party of Democrat Kurds in Syria)
Party of Green in Kurdistan
PÇK-S (Party of Left Kurd – Syria)
PÎK (Islamic Party of Kurdistan)
PJAK (Party of Free Life of Kurdistan)
PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan)
PYD (Democratic Union Party)
PYNA (Party of Free National Union)Rojava
T.N.K.S (Movement of Nûjen Kurdistan – Syria )

TJKE (Kurdistan Women’s Movement in Europe

Yekgirtûyî Islam in Kurdistan

Zehmetkêşanî Party of Kurdistan