Last Monday (July 19) marked the anniversary of the beginning of the Rojava revolution. On July 19, 2012, the uprising in Kobanê gave birth to an emancipatory, social project that is drawing the hopes of people worldwide. The digital newsplatform ANF interviewed Hesen Koçer, the deputy co-chair of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, about the significance and development of the revolution.

“Unlike the uprisings during the Arab Spring, the aim of the Rojava Revolution was not to overthrow the state or take the place of the regime, but to establish a democratic, ethical and political society. The people may be the same, but the strategy of the revolution was different” states Hesen Koçer.

“We did not destroy the state institutions, we developed them. We built institutions that belong to society. Dozens of institutions, especially economic ones, were established, developed and put at the service of the people.”

You can read the full interview with ANF News via this link