We at the Kurdish PEN Centre believe that the killing and execution of freedom loving intellectuals who follow a peaceful path to practice their rights is a horrific act very far from the principles of humanity.

According to the known international standards such acts can only be committed by totalitarian oppressive regimes.

The execution of five heroic Kurdish freedom loving individuals by the Iranian regime has caused another shock to the world’s public opinion.

Ferzad Kemanger was a teacher in villages of East Kurdistan, passionately teaching his community’s children how to read and write. His love to humanity was endless and without prejudice.
He was a teacher, journalist, and a wise short story writer who was using a beautiful simple language for the awareness of his peoples and readers.

Elî Heyderiyan, Ferhad Wekîlî, Şirîn Elemhulî Atêşga and Mêhdi Islamyan, each and every one of them was serving their community peacefully in their own ways. They had a humanitarian manifesto while being social activists. 

We appeal to the Iranian officials, to end these horrific acts against the Kurdish people, for we believe the solution to the Kurdish cause peacefully and via dialogue is the best democratic way, which is the only way to change the situation for all the people in the region and to bring peace to their lives.

Let the dictators have lessons from history and remember the fate of the dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini, Nero, Saddam Husein and other criminals.
The Kurdish PEN Centre strongly condemns the execution of the Kurdish intellectuals and freedom loving patriots and reminds the world that those heroes have followed others with their sacrifices to pave the way to peace and freedom.

Kurdish PEN Centre